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Forward Tipping Dumpers Level 2 NVQ

Forward Tipping Dumpers program is exclusively meant for aspirants to impart adequate knowledge and experience on how to operate forward tipping dumper. NVQ Level 2 Forward Tipping Dumpers course comprises of theory and practical applications.

  • Students are briefed about the various aspects of the construction industry.
  • Rules and regulations
  • Overview of machinery equipment’s
  • Performing pre-shift operations
  • Essential controls and instruments
  • Coolant levels, fuel, and lubrication
  • Loading and unloading of goods

When the students have completed the Construction NVQ program, they will be provided a Red CPCS Card. However, it can be later upgraded to Blue CPCS Card

Who is it for?

Those staffs desiring to operate a forward tipping dumper would benefit from joining this CPCS course.


  • Safety gloves
  • Sturdy hat
  • Steel toe-capped boots
  • High vies vest

Students are requested to attempt and clear a CPCS test before attending the course. Candidates can make their payment through credit card via online.

What are the course contents?

  • Performing pre-start and running checks
  • Setting up of dumper for site and road travel
  • Operating the machine over rugged terrain in harsh climatic conditions
  • Driving the machine up and down carrying heavy goods
  • Accurately positioning dumper to obtain loads
  • Adhere to loading and unloading procedures
  • Dispensing goods into trucks and edges
  • Describe loading and unloading procedures.

What is the purpose of using a Forward Tipping Dumper?

Forward Tipping Dumpers are machines that are designed to transport bulk materials.  If in case the volume of loads exceeds, it should not be transported except it complies with the manufacturer’s specifications. It is the responsibility of supervisors, operators and site managers to get familiar with principles in operating machines. They have to make sure that forward tipping dumpers are used effectively. Improper usage of Forward Tipping Dumpers is subject to violating the rules of Health and Safety Work, Act 1974. It might lead to individual prosecution.

Features of Forward Tipping Dumpers

Forward Tipping Dumpers normally have a huge centre of gravity and are vulnerable to overturning while operating on uneven surfaces. If the machine is fully loaded, the chances of reducing forward visibility are very high that enhances potential risks of collisions with pedestrians. In addition, the dumper might collide with massive structures, plant and nearby objects.

Today, the majority of the Forward Tipping Dumpers contains an open operator’s control system. It depends upon the operator who wears a seat belt to preserve them inside a protected envelope. Most of the operators hold the view that the chances of survival are high even during an overturn. They can immediately jump out of overturning machine. According to research, survival rates are very low. As a result, those individuals who are active in and around dumpers must be well aware of the potential risks involved. The all-round vision of operators is limited. Managers and supervisors should keep track of protection levels.

To learn the way to control Forward Tipping Dumpers, it is suggestible to clear the NVQ Level 2 Forward Tipping Dumpers course.

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