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Rear Tipping Dump Trucks Level 2 NVQ

Rear Tipping Dump Trucks is heavy machinery equipment that is designed to scoop leftover dumps, gravel, sand, and demolition waste materials. These machines come with an open-box bed that is paired at the rear end. They are well-equipped with hydraulic arms to raise the front enabling materials to be dumped on the ground. NVQ Level 2 Rear Tipping Dump Trucks program is targeted to offer candidates a comprehensive knowledge on how to handle Rear Dump Trucks. This is helpful for them to clear both CPCS Theory and Practical Tests.

The initial motorized dump truck was introduced by small-scale companies during World War I. Additional attachments like hydraulic lift gates, and hydraulic winches along with dump trailer were available for sales during the early 1920s.

Standard dump trucks contain a dump body that is mounted on a frame. The bed is lifted by a vertical hydraulic ram which is mounted below the body. In general, most of the dump trucks are operated through Hydraulics and they are available in a wide range of configurations. Out of which most of them are exclusively designed to perform certain tasks in the field of the construction industry. The lower wheelbase of a Standard dump truck allows the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle easily when compared to semi-trailer dump trucks.  

Course content

  • With a perfect blend of training and experience, candidates of NVQ Level 2 Rear Tipping Dump Trucks will be able to explain the nature of the construction industry. Moreover, the roles and responsibilities of a plant operator are described in detail.
  • Explain the exact purpose of using principal components, basic controls and mode of operation, etc.
  • Comply with the manufacturer’s needs and requirements as mentioned in the operator’s handbook.
  • Performing pre-test and running checks
  • How to operate machines over rugged terrains, steep road and narrow edges, etc.
  • Manoeuvre through confined spots amidst transporting loads
  • Appropriately positioning the vehicle for loading and unloading
  • Carrying out shut down and secure procedures.

What are the course requirements?

  • Candidates are supposed to report at the office upon arrival.
  • Due to the absence of catering facilities, students are requested to carry their own food.
  • Tea and coffee facilities are available
  • Students should bring PPE at the construction site for plant testing
  • They are requested to carry the signature along with photographic identification for testing

The concerned officials conduct and record the Construction NVQ theory test in digital format. However, it should comply with CPCS standards and practical tests are recorded with the help of a video recorder upon request.


To procure Red CPCS Trained Operator Card, candidates are supposed to clear the CPCS Theory Test as well as Practical Test. Once the learners have attained Red CPCS Trained Operator Card, it extends for the duration of about two years. However, students should work and achieve NVQ in Plant Operations in order to upgrade to Blue CPCS Competence Card. Visit the official site to fetch extra details of the course.

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