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RT32 Soil/Landfill Compactor Test

A soil and landfill compactor is used by the contractors to help reduce the material size. The machine makes use of compaction technique, and so it is important that only trained professionals should be allowed to use them at the work site. The trashing machine offers operators with numerous buttons and controls on the dashboard. Thus authorities have offered with the convenience to renew the RT32 soil/landfill compactor card.

Operators can use this machine within the construction or civil site. Apart from this, the machine is also widely used in residences as well. It helps reduce the trash size by trashing it.

What is the RT32 Soil/Landfill Compactor?

RT32 is a proficiency certification that is issued to the workers and operators who handle this machine professionally. The machine is considered an expensive option, but it is efficient in accomplishing the impossible task of crushing materials. It offers the operators with a very high level of compaction. This is done efficiently by making use of less power so it can be economical for owners as well.

Along with high compaction, the modern styled machine is also very much compact and offers with improved force output. A small error in handling the machine can result in a major accident in the workplace.

The operations on the dashboard and the wide viewing mirror offers the operators with a wide angle view of the work site. This process helps operators to make their best judgment when working on difficult terrains. This also offers him with best safety levels for machine and co-workers.


To work as soil and landfill compaction operator, the candidate should hold his previous experience in handling a similar type of machine. Apart from this, it is also important for him to be familiar with safety measures that need to be followed to accomplish any task at the work station.

He should also develop his skills with levelling patio and other concrete platforms and ramps. The job involves getting familiar with the texture of concrete and soil that has to be maintained so it can easily be compressed.

The operator should also ensure that he has maintained right pressure and weight level while compressing it with Compactor, so no uneven surfaces are left. Uneven surfaces and unstable ground can lead to a major disaster in future.

As the operator is the person who is responsible for operating the machine, so it is important for him to be aware of the right time when the machine should be used on the soil and land.

Different terrains require different time frames that have to be maintained before it can be compressed. It means that the operator should be aware of the moisture content that has to be maintained in different soil and concrete materials.

How to apply?

Having a Blue CPCS card is indeed beneficial for operators of heavy duty machines in the construction industry. The job involves renewing the certifications at regular intervals of time to make your candidature more effective than others.

In the UK, www.constructionhelpline.com is one such company that helps individual grab blue card to authoritatively work in the construction field by passing  the CPCS renewal test.

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