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RT43 Screener Test

A screener is a mobile screen or belt that vibrates when working. The vibrating screen has its main task to separate big gravel particles from the soil or concrete mix. This process requires very close observation power of the operator who is handling the screener belt/screen. RT43 screener renewal test is for an operator who wants to continue working with the job position within the construction industry.

What is the RT43 Screener Test?

The proficiency test is a mandatory test that is expected to be cleared with passing scores by each of the operators who works within the construction field. It is important that the candidate has to prove his skill level and proficiency in handling the screening task efficiently.

This means that the candidate has to display his skills with keen observation power when screening the vibrating screen. Depending on his observation skills, the gravel and soil or concrete mix have to pass the quality test and approved for being used.

The screener has to be aware of the health and safety measures that he is expected to follow at the work site. This is important for maintaining the safety of each of his co-workers and equipment.

When undergoing this test, the candidate will be awarded the chance to renew his certification and job work card.

Why is it required?

The test as per the authorities is mandatory for each qualified candidate. In order to continue working within the construction field, the candidate has to display his skills and experience with handling the task efficiently.

The authorities have made it mandatory that the candidate should, in fact, prove his observation skills on a regular basis. This task is mandatory to ensure that the mix passed by the QC team is approved for being used at the site.

Apart from this, the screener also has to be aware of the basic knowledge to handle the plant and equipment without any professional help. He should be able to carry out basic maintenance tasks on his own, so the work at the site does not get disrupted.


In order to claim for the renewal of the Blue CPCS card, it is important that the candidate should complete the test within the decided period of time. During this time frame, the candidate should be able to demonstrate his skills related to observation, healthy and safety and interaction with all other co-workers at the work site.

It is also important that the candidate should possess all valid academic qualifications and certifications that are required by him to work at the work site. This requires his knowledge related to handling and operating the vibrating screening machine.

It is important for the candidate to attend regularly workshop sessions and theory sessions. He should also pass out the written test and practical test with passing grades.

How to apply?

To efficiently qualify for the CPCS renewal test, the candidate can apply online and fill in the application form with Construction Helpline and prepare for the test. The official website is www.constructionhelpline.com.

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