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Traffic Marshal Level 2 NVQ

Traffic Marshals, who are also known by the name ‘Vehicle banks men’, are people whose primary responsibility is to ensure the movement of vehicles in a safe manner. They also help in reducing accident rates. Vehicle banks men are provided extensive training on how to command and direct the vehicles at the worksite. NVQ Level 2 Traffic Marshal course is exclusively designed for managers, supervisors who prefer to control vehicles within the construction site. The course covers the responsibility of a traffic marshal to make sure vehicles and pedestrians are safe and secured. Moreover, construction NVQ clearly explains the roles and duties for loading and unloading of materials.

Even though there are no official entry requirements to attain NVQ qualification, learners should be able to display their innate abilities, knowledge and experience to meet guidelines of NVQ.


  • Prevent pedestrian fatalities
  • Ensure proper movement of vehicles
  • Effective means of communication
  • Ensuring optimum safety and security at the worksite

Who should attend?

  • Level 2 NVQ Traffic Marshal Course is designed for people who have a vested interest in gaining adequate knowledge associated with movement, assembling and unloading goods.
  • A major benefit of applying for this program is that the course offers a deep insight on dealing with various types of traffic at the worksite.
  • Traffic marshal qualification enables you to acquire a thorough understanding about their roles and responsibilities at construction site.
  • The above mentioned has been customized in order adhering to rules and regulations

Upon successful completion of traffic marshal course, the candidates are provided a Traffic Marshal Certificate, which is valid for a period of about three years from date of completion.

Some of the advantages of imparting Traffic Banks men Training are as follows:

  • Traffic Banks men Training is very helpful in reducing total number of accidents. Most of incidents occur whilst reversing a vehicle at the construction site. It could lead to further damage and unnecessary expenses as well.
  • Traffic Marshal Training is mandatory for aspirants whose primary job is to direct vehicles or to enhance their career opportunities. This program enables them on how to communicate effectively related to safety of pedestrians and drivers.
  • Traffic Banks men Training is a great advantage for organization since it helps in bringing down the rate of accidents while meeting HSE requirements.
  • Considerable amount of time can be saved during loading and unloading of goods. It is best suited for organizations who are targeting towards professional development of personnel.

Some of the major differences between a Traffic Banks men and Slingers Banks men are as follows:

  • The primary role and responsibility of traffic banks men is to supervise vehicles and pedestrians safely at the construction site.
  • Slingers Banks men are in charge of signalling and slinging amidst movement of vehicle during lifting of heavy weight objects.

Wrap Up:

The NVQ Level 2 Traffic Marshal course supplies study materials to students in order to ensure that various aspects of qualification are covered. Candidates may visit official website to know further details.

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