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How to book COTS Course in Liverpool

COTS Course in Liverpool is a competency-based certification that is accessible for candidates who want to pursue their career in the construction work site. The CSCS course is accredited and so it offers with the right level of training that the candidates need to undergo before being a part of the scaffolding operations jobs. The course is available for candidates within Liverpool and nearby North West areas.

Any candidate who is not having the right type of qualification can now get registered for the course online or offline. The entire structure for the course has been officially approved by the CITB and CSCS authorities.

For candidates who want to apply for a better job position or want to get enrolled for higher ranking CSCS job card can now get registered for this course.

What is this?

In general, the COTS Course is job oriented course that will provide the candidate with the right level of qualification that is required to work within the construction work site. Apart from this, the eligible candidate can also seek his career within scaffolding operations in the relevant work field.

CITB and CSCS have provided candidates with the facility to appear for accredited CISRS training program (COTS). The certification is also considered as eligibility criteria for any candidate who wants to make his bright career in the construction field.

The course material is prepared to keep in mind the local standards that the candidates are expected to maintain when working at a construction site in scaffolding operation works.

Each selected candidate will be eligible to undergo a short training period during which he will have to polish his skills with using all possible tools and equipment that are a part of this job industry.

Why it is required?

The course is mandatory and so interested candidates will have to ensure that they score passing grades when appearing for the qualifying exam conducted by CSCS and CITB authorities. The course is one of the ways in which the candidates can gain that level of knowledge and skills.

The course will also expose each of the selected candidates to the work conditions that they may face on-site at the workplace. This course will help the candidate practice required skills as per the national standards that are required within the UK.

The course is also designed to help candidates develop the skills to handle all equipment and tools that they will most commonly be using at the scaffolding operation site.


The course is competency-based and so it is open for both fresh and experienced candidates. In order to apply online, you may just have to ensure that you pass out the eligibility test once the course is completed.

The moment you manage to score passing grades you will be eligible to apply for CSCS Green Labourer Card. For candidates who are already working in the construction field can now apply for higher-level CSCS Card.

This offers them with convenience where they can apply for a better job position in the industry. This also means that they are eligible for a higher pay scale in the industry.

How to apply?

The process of application can be completed by filling in a simple form online. Candidates will have to provide with details of their education and past experience (if any). They can also log on to and then submit these details to get registered under this course. If you want to collect details related to course and exam or COTS Course in Liverpool you can visit the Construction Helpline site.

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