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COTS Course in London opens up opportunities for individuals who like to pursue a bright career in the Construction Industry. The course has been designed to help experienced, and in-experienced candidates get started with their career in this field under scaffolding or other relevant job areas. Besides, the course will also offer selected candidates with the right level of training that is required to qualify for the job positions in the construction industry.

What is this?

COTS (CISRS Operative Training Scheme), is a professional course that is accredited by the Construction industry for any worker who wants to get started with building his career as scaffolding worker.

The authorities have made the course mandatory for workers who want to join the industry as fresher. This means that in the initial stage, to get registered for this course, the candidate may not require to hold any prior work experience in this field.

The CSCS course can be considered as a basic qualification that CITB and CSCS authorities require from the candidate who wants to get started with his career building in the construction industry.

Why it is required?

The moment you get registered for this course, the eligible candidate will be registered for Green Labourer Card. This is also considered as a minimum qualification that any candidate needs to work as CISRS labour in this industry.

The course is also stepping stone for candidates who are already employed in the industry and are holding a valid green card. As per the regulations, the candidate is expected to get his green card renewed after a period of five years to maintain his eligibility to work in the construction industry under scaffolding.

This course has been introduced by the industry experts for candidates who want to prove their excellence within the construction industry. The course is also designed to help the candidate get familiar with all possible safety guidelines that he is expected to follow at the workplace.

The course will also help the candidate get familiar with all types of equipment and plants that he shall be used within his job place working at scaffolding operations. The candidate will get an opportunity to polish his basic skills to handle and maintain this equipment at the workplace.


The COTS Course is a competency-based course, so it is obvious that within the course duration, the candidate will have to prove a lot of his excellence in understanding and executing commands related to scaffolding works.

During the course duration, the candidate will develop his skills related to using basic terminology of the industry that includes applications and components. The candidate will also be exposed to performing different types of tasks related to boards, fittings, and tubes handling and maintenance. The candidate will also have to prove his basic skills related to maintaining quality check for each task accomplished by his team.

Apart from these, the candidate is also expected to clear the safety and security health check program in advance or during the course duration.

How to apply?

The process of applying for eligible candidates only can be made online via official website of by CSCS web portal. The CSCS course materials and other details required by the candidate for passing out this exam and COTS Course can be collected at the Construction Helpline site.

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