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How to Book COTS Course in Middlesbrough

COTS Course in Middlesbrough is an opportunity course for candidates who want to get started with career-building in the construction work site as scaffolding operations. The course is a competency based course for candidates at entry and experienced level.

So any candidate who wishes to get started with the scaffolding industry can take this opportunity for opting for this course on request online.

The candidate undergoing this level of training can also expect a career boost within the construction industry or another relevant worksite that involves scaffolding operations.

What is this?

The COTS Course is considered a certification course that will prove the candidate’s eligibility to work within the construction industry as a professional scaffolder. The course is valid and issued by CISRS authorities and will offer the candidate to get registered for CSCS green card.

So, if any candidate, who has already been working in the construction industry wants to boost his career can get registered for this course for applying for a Green Labourer Card. The course has to be completed by the candidate before his previous card gets expired.

The course is offered under the CISRS and CSCS Card schemes and s right level of training has to be completed by the candidate.

Why it is required?

The main objective of this course is to help the candidates get familiar with the knowledge, equipment and tools that he has to use when performing the task at the worksite. The course has also been designed for candidates to help understand the safe way to perform scaffolding tasks at the worksite.

When undergoing the training period the candidate will also learn to follow all possible safety rules and measures to avoid accidents at the worksite. The course will also help the candidate get updated with making use of some of the modern equipment and tools in scaffolding.

Once the course has been completed by the candidate he will be able to perform manual as well as automated scaffolding tasks at the worksite. The authorities have also made it mandatory for each candidate to reappear the certification course after a period of five years.

The candidate when undergoing this training program will be familiar with general codes of practice to be followed at the workplace. he will also be exposed to maintaining quality check at the workplace.

The candidate will also be familiar with using basic terminology and application components at the workplace.


In order to successfully get registered for this course, the authorities have provided certain pre-requisite that is expected to be fulfilled by each candidate. It is obvious that the candidate must hold his valid Health and safety certification issued by CSCS authorities.

It is also important that the candidate should hold HS&S test pass score issued by the recognized institute. If the candidate had appeared for previous test off-shore then it is important to submit a copy of his certification.

How to apply?

When aiming at getting registered for this course, the candidate can log on to the official CISRS website or collect details from official CITB and CSCS web site. You can also collect details related to course dates from The web portal services will offer with details related to the COTS Course in Middlesbrough online as well.

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