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How to Book COTS Course in Sheffield

COTS Course in Sheffield offers candidates with the bright opportunity to work and prosper in the construction work site. The course is a work oriented course and will help candidates to get better employment chances within the construction worksite.

Candidates who get certified after completing the CSCS course can expect better pay scale and better job position in the industry as scaffolding operators. It is also an ideal choice for any candidate who wants to join the relevant industry as scaffolding operations.

Once certified the candidate will not have to prove his eligibility and experience related to work performance.

What is this?

The COTS Course is considered as a very short term course and thus can be completed by candidates within a few hours or days. The course has been an ideal choice for candidates as operatives and at entry-level.

Any candidate who is already employed with the industry as scaffolding labourers is also eligible to get registered for this course. For candidates who want to get their labour card renewed has to undergo this training program so the card can be re-issued.

The course has been designed by professionals of the industry and so on completion, the candidate will be polished with skills as per developing standards. He will be tested for new and better practices that are being used today in the construction work site.

This course also focuses on polishing the skills of the candidate to maintain safety issues at the worksite following basic rules.

Why it is required?

One of the main reasons why candidates have to appear for this course is that it is mandatory at the time of the CSCS Card renewal procedure. Apart from this, the course will quickly help candidates get familiar with scaffolding items, stock servicing, tool safety, noise reduction, equipment handling, rope and wheel lifting techniques and health and safety handling.

The course is expected to be completed by the candidate as an in-classroom learning session under the guidance of professionals from the industry. The course will help the candidates to work out all major risk and problems on their own at the worksite and in small groups.

The course at the end on completion will also test each of the candidates for his ability to solve problems via written test and MCQs. Candidates are expected to score a minimum passing score to get certified for renewal of the Green Labourer card.

On completion of the course, the candidate will also be awarded by certification issued by the CSCS and CISRS authorities for H&S certification.


In order to get registered the candidate will have to submit the original copy of their past certifications and Green Labourer Card issued by CSCS and CITB. Apart from this, the candidates are also expected to have basic knowledge in speaking, reading and understanding the English language.

The candidates who are appearing for a higher level will have to submit details of CSIRS part 1 and 2 along with valid CSCS touch screen labour card.

How to apply?

The candidate who is aiming to apply for this course can now do it conveniently via online or even by visiting CSCS and CITB web portals. The details of the test and course can also be collected online at CISRS web portal. You can collect details related to COTS Course in Sheffield online along with dates and time of the test and course.

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