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How to Book First Aid Course in Southampton?

Curing of the injury happens on the construction site in an emergency situation and the immediate treatment given to a person suffering from a minor illness is termed as first aid. Basically, it refers to the emergency and immediate care you should provide to an injured person until the medical treatment is available. Along with First aid courses are also available at many places like First aid course in Leeds, first ad course in York, first aid course in Southampton, first aid course in Kent, first aid course in Hull and various others.

Due to the presence of risks and injuries on the construction site, there is always a need for an individual having skills in the first aid training. The objective of the first aid is to treat the person suffering from an injury. For treating the injured person, there is a requirement of the first aid kit. The duration of this course is as different from its types.

Types of training courses available in first aid:

There are various types of courses available in the first aid. Some of them are given below:

  • Emergency first aid at work: This course has the duration of one day. This course is the minimum requirement in any construction site.
  • First aid at work: The duration of this course is three days. This type of course is designed for an individual who has an interest in providing the first aid to an injured worker on the construction site.
  • First aid at work requalification: First aid at work requalification course is for those people who want to re-qualify the first aid at work course and who want to upgrade their skills.
  • First aid for an appointed person: This course is for those sites that need an appointed individual having complete skills related to first aid.
  • First aid and annual skills update: This type of course is best for those people who want to update and refresh the skills of this course.
  • Pediatric first aid: This is a two-day course that is suitable for those individuals who want to take care of children.

How to book this course?

When you think of booking a first aid course, then it is important for you to go through the complete terms and conditions, which are required to be eligible to learn this course. For the purpose of booking a first aid course in Southampton, you can get all kind of assistance from the construction helpline. All the courses delivered by us are accredited by CITB due to which you can be easily able to make your career in this field. The validity time of the certificate provided to the delegate is three years which is a permanent certificate that can be renewed again. Thus, in order to get your certificate of CSCS course renewed, you need to qualify the first aid refresher course, whose duration is for one day only.

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