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Traffic Marshal Course in Doncaster

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How to Book Traffic Marshal Course in Doncaster?

Traffic marshal is a course that is designed to meet the challenges faced by many sectors. A traffic marshal is a designated person who is trained to direct the large and heavy vehicles and plant the movement on the construction site or in the parking area. Their other role is to manage and monitor the traffic entering and leaving the construction site relevant to the delivery and pickups. Also, they create permanent or temporary barriers and routes for the traffic entering. There are various courses provided by us such as CSCS course and traffic marshal training course. The centre of these courses is available across the UK. These traffic marshal courses are located in various places. Some of them are traffic marshal course in Derby, Traffic marshal course in Doncaster, traffic marshal course in Cardiff and various others. To improve safety levels on site is one of the main reasons for employing a traffic marshal. The courses follow the regulations of health and safety.

Roles and responsibility of a traffic marshal

Accidents are increasing day by day on the construction site. The role of the traffic marshal is to ensure that the area on the construction site around the vehicle is safe and clear before it begins to reverse. When the vehicle is getting reversed, then the traffic marshal goes in front of the vehicle and removes all the obstacles, and moves around the vehicle to check and clear the path of the vehicle. Then he or she will stand on the safe place from where the driver can see him and can communicate with the banksman. To become a perfect traffic marshal, an individual must need to qualify the traffic marshal training course. The duration of this course is two days long. After completing this course, the delegate will be provided by an accredited certificate and an identity card and a green card will issue. This certificate has a validity time of three years. After completing these three years, the certificate will be expired and you need to get it renewed. This certificate will renew by qualifying the refresher course of traffic marshal having the duration of one day.

How to book this course?

Before booking a traffic marshal course, please ensure that you have understood, and read the entry requirements that are mandatory and booking terms and conditions. The traffic marshal course is one of the ranges of site safety plus courses including registration, publications and certifications, and many other things. For booking a traffic marshal Course in Doncaster, we at will help you. We deliver the CSCS course and a whole range of site safety plus accredit courses. Each course is suitable for a unique role for the workers on the construction site and the booked course is protected by our executive. The certificate is provided to the delegate who is valid for three years. It is a permanent certificate that can be renewed again. To get your certificate renewed, you need to qualify the traffic marshal refresher course which is for one day.

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