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Traffic Marshal Course enhances the possibilities of securing a job as a Traffic Marshal Banks man at worksites. The ultimate goal of banks man is to direct the movement of vehicles within job sites. Traffic Marshal Course in Ilford would make sure that students are highly trained and competent enough to handle the movement of vehicles. Banks man is leveraged for reversing vehicles only if they are trained and authorized. It can be used only in those situations wherein chances of control measures are remote.

Averting accidents at worksites

One of the main advantages of applying for a Traffic Marshal Course at Ilford is that accident rates can be reduced. Majority of the deaths occur owing to reversing vehicles in and around the site. The pedestrian fatalities can be minimized by undertaking precautions, which are explained in this course.

Objectives of the course

  1. Optimum safety and health
  2. Vehicle access
  3. Analysis of potential hazards
  4. Risk management for managing vehicles
  5. Protect both personnel and pedestrians whilst manoeuvring and reversing vehicles
  6. Give an idea of how to use hand signals as per the recommendations of HSE (Health and Safety Executive)
  7. How to effectively plan the usage of vehicles

Part 1 of the above-mentioned course involves imparting knowledge on how to reverse and direct a vehicle in and around the worksite. Part 2 focuses on getting familiar with the roles of Banks man and driver. In addition, candidates are requested to clear a multiple choice question paper during the end of the course. Each learner will be given a brief overview of existing legislation i.e. Safety signs and Signals Regulations 1996.

Certificate of Competence

Certificate of Competence is awarded to individuals who have completed the course. Apart from Traffic Banks man Training Certificate, ID card, Training manual, and Hi-Vis vest are provided. The learners would come across the basic signals mentioned in Health and Signals Regulations 1996 L64.

There are no pre-requisites whilst applying for the course. It would enable students to perform exceptionally well at the site. Nevertheless, learners should have the physical ability to work in accordance with the procedures mentioned in the course module. Each successful candidate would be given a certificate of training. Moreover, a valid high quality identity card is supplied to delegates. It is mandatory to carry the card to be shown as proof while working at construction sites.

Upon successful completion of the Traffic Marshal Course, delegates are requested to keep a copy of HSE approved hand signals form. During the final stage of course, a confirmation letter is issued to candidates stating that they are can start working as Traffic Marshal. Each delegate is presented a HI-VIS vest printed on reverse to commence tasks straight away.

The above-mentioned Traffic Marshal Course in Ilford is current a requirement as per the rules of HSE. Trained Marshals helps in maximizing work force and creating new contracts. There are issues with respect to loosing contracts.

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