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How to Book Traffic Marshal Course in Portsmouth

Traffic Marshal Course in Portsmouth aims at imparting training to banksman who is responsible to direct vehicles within the construction site. They are often known by the name Traffic Banksman. It is one of the crucial tickets for aspirants who intend to work within the construction industry, manufacturing, hospitality, and security.

Features of Traffic Marshal Program

  • The CSCS course is targeted at site managers, site supervisors who prefer to direct the vehicles within the site.
  • It is a half-day course that does not involve any hidden expenses
  • The course timings are purely based upon the date and location.
  • Candidates must have attained at least sixteen years of age to be considered eligible for this course
  • Each student is carefully assessed by concerned tutors throughout the course.
  • Those who succeed in clearing the exam will be delivered a valid ID Card along with Traffic Banksman certificate

Group bookings are also available by navigating through the official website. Traffic Management Course is helpful to gain a better understanding of the potential risks associated with the job. It would assist the delegates in managing the vehicle with ease while working at the construction site.

Vehicle Banks man program is a three-hour course that helps the students in loading and unloading of goods. The certificate would expire automatically after three years. The students do have the option to claim grants by providing relevant CITB levy numbers. This is possible only at the time of joining the program.

What are the major objectives of the Traffic Marshal Course?

  • Helps students identify potential risks and hazards
  • Assist them in selecting appropriate equipment and vehicles to execute a task effectively.
  • Provides hand signals to direct the vehicle clearly
  • Traffic Marshal Course enables the participants to gain a deep insight about roles and responsibilities as a Traffic Banksman
  • The above-mentioned course covers several topics including dangers caused due to manoeuvring vehicles.
  • Drivers are also imparted adequate training on using hand signals and various other techniques.

What are the major requirements to clear the Traffic Management Training Program?

  • The students’ performances are evaluated via a short assessment paper during the final stages of the course.

Delegates would gain adequate knowledge on how to effectively direct the movement of vehicles at narrowed and confined areas. This would help them perceive the potential threats included in the construction site. The students will be able to get familiar with various codes of signals. A major benefit of undertaking the Traffic marshal course program is that candidates will be able to direct and manage heavyweight vehicles.

The Traffic Marshal Course in Portsmouth is exclusively designed to bolster organizations to meet legal safety obligations. The chances of accidents at the construction sites are also minimized. This program is best suited for those individuals who have the potential to manoeuvre vehicles, load and unload goods, safe entry and exit of vehicles within the premises of the construction site.

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