CITB TEST (Health Safety and Environmental Test)

Construction Helpline arranges CITB tests for individuals and groups of people keen to work in construction industry. The CITB test is a primary test that communicates knowledge of maintaining health and safety on a construction site. With this test not only can you improve your health and safety knowledge, but also qualify for a CSCS card, providing you have achieved all other relevant qualifications.

We offer all CITB Tests depending on your work and role in construction industry, which includes an Operative Test, Managers & Professionals Test, Specialist Test and more.

CITB H, S & E Tests consist of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in time period of 45 minutes.

Most CITB tests are divided into two components:

  • Number of General Knowledge Questions on Health and Safety Issues: 38
  • Number of Questions on Case Studies describing how to behave safely on site: 12

Types of CITB Tests (Health Safety and Environmental Tests):

  • Operative Test which focuses on health, safety, environment, high risk activities, legal aspects and management.
  • Specialist Test which is made up of multiple choice questions and case studies. You will need to choose and answer specialist knowledge questions on certain subjects. These are:
    • Supervisory
    • Plumbing or gas
    • Tunneling
    • Highway works
    • HVACR - Pipefitting and welding
    • HVACR - Heating and plumbing services
    • HVACR - Refrigeration and air conditioning
    • HVACR - Ductwork
    • HVACR - Services and facilities maintenance
    • Demolition
    • Specialist work at height
    • Lifts and escalators
  • Managers and Professionals Test along with multiple choice questions and case studies, you will need to answer specialist knowledge questions on their appropriate subject. These are:
    • Highway works
    • Demolition
    • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
    • Plumbing or gas

# Card Type Test Name
Red trainee card Red trainee card Operatives Test
Red Experienced worker (Temporary card) Red Experienced worker (Temporary card) Operatives Test
Red Experienced technician, supervisor or manager Red Experienced technician, supervisor or manager Specialist OR Managers & Professionals Test
Red trainee (technical,supervisory or management) Red trainee (technical,supervisory or management) Operatives Test
Blue Skilled worker Blue Skilled worker Operative OR Specialist Test
Black Manager Card Black Manager Card Managers & Professional Test
Yellow Construction Site Visitor Card Yellow Construction Site Visitor Card Operatives Test
Gold Advanced Craft supervisory Gold Advanced Craft supervisory Operative OR Specialists Test
Grey Professionally qualified person Grey Professionally qualified person Managers & Professionals Test
Grey Construction related occupation Grey Construction related occupation Operative OR Specialists Test
Green Construction Site Operative Labourer Card Operative Test OR Operative Test for Labourers with L1 Award.
(Please note if one or more tests are listed for a particular card you need to choose the test which matches your occupation e.g. for Supervisory role candidates need to do a Specialist test for Supervisors.)