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CSCS Test in Bury St Edmunds

CSCS Test Location CSCS Test in Bury St Edmunds

Why should you do a CSCS Test in Bury St Edmunds?

With pockets of Bury St Edmunds earmarked for brand new homes, this will require a significant number of tradesmen. Tradesmen with a CSCS Card to be precise. With most construction sites making it a prerequisite that tradesmen have a CSCS Card before they enter a construction site, this has seen a surge in popularity of tradesmen taking the CSCS Test – usually the final step before you can get a CSCS Card. If you’re one of the many tradesmen looking to get a CSCS Card, you can sit your CSCS Test in Bury St Edmunds. Details down below.


Pearson Professional Centres – UK Bury St Edmunds, 2nd Floor St Edmunds House Lower Baxter Street Bury St Edmunds IP33 1ET


– Lower Baxter Street connects Looms Lane and Abbeygaye Street, with vehicular access only from Looms Lane
– St Edmunds House entrance has steps and ramp facilities, and is situated opposite the Borough Council Staff Car Park
– Please press the Pearson button on the intercom system to obtain entry to the building

CSCS Cards help showcase a tradesman’s skills, qualifications and health and safety knowledge to site owners and site managers, which means that without a CSCS Card, they’re less likely to hire you. And without sitting a CSCS Test, you’re less likely to get a CSCS Card.

At Construction Helpline we can help get the right card for you by booking your CSCS Test in Bury St Edmunds. For more information, give us a call on 0207 199 9800.

How to book a CSCS Test

With just one call to Construction Helpline, you could have your CSCS Test booked in absolutely no time. Give us a call today on 0207 199 9800 and let us book you in for the test you need.

We help you pass the CSCS Test

The 45 minute, 50 question CSCS Test can seem difficult, and it may be that you won’t pass first time. But with the chance to book a re-test should you fail, as well as revision material to help you prepare for the test, failing is not a formality.

Apply online or give us a call on 0207 199 9800. From booking to passing the CSCS Test in Bury St Edmunds, we’ve got you covered.

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