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Health Safety and Environment Specialist Demolition Test

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Why Health Safety and Environment Specialist Demolition Test is important?

The CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test ensure that construction workers are well aware of the health, safety, and environmental issues before they step into the construction site. It helps to uplift the standard of the construction industry. The specialist demolition test includes questions on specialist demolition knowledge. In other terms, it is a security check to access construction sites and is a must for construction students. The test is conducted in accredited centres on a touch screen based Personal Computer.

The test lasts for about 45 minutes and has 50 questions in total. The questions are multiple choice questions which consist of 12 behavioural patterned case study questions and 38 questions that test the knowledge base of the candidate or student. There is no option of changing an answer once the student taking the test has selected an answer and thus it is advisable to keep some time aside to review the questions that the student is unsure of. The test is not quite difficult although a lot of people fail it. Candidates are allowed to leave the examination hall as soon as they are over with the test. In 2012 specialist tests were introduced for people opting for different professions and trades.

There are three main categories of test: the operative test which tests the legal and management factors, health and welfare issues, general safety issues, high risk activities, and environmental factors, the specialist test which includes testing the supervision ability, demolition, plumbing or gas, highway works, tunnelling, pipefitting and welding, ductwork, refrigeration and air conditioning and so on, and the managers and professional test tests the student’s knowledge in construction regulations, demolition, plumbing or gas and highway works. The candidate needs to score 90% or above to pass the test.

The test can be rebooked if you fail. There are a lot of revision materials available on the official CITB website and other websites such as Construction Helpline and mock tests are also available in various institutions and websites. Sample questions with answers are also available to allow the student to prepare for the test.

How to apply for the health safety and environment tests?

The health, safety and environment tests can be booked online by registering your details or you can call on the number 0207 199 9800 or the booking form can be downloaded and can be sent by post.

Candidates who have qualified the NVQ or SVQ in the previous two years for their appropriate profession may be exempt from taking the test.

We at Construction Helpline are always available for any queries regarding CSCS Cards, and CITB tests and training the candidates. You can reach us by simply calling us on the number 0207 199 9800. We have helped a lot of people who have passed the specialist demolition test and other health, safety and environment tests and have acquired a CSCS card.

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