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Health Safety and Environment Specialist Highway Works Test

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Importance of Health, Safety, and Environment Specialist Highway Works Test

Working in a construction site is not easy. Besides working for months and years on the construction site or highways, the construction workers need to keep in mind the safety issues and health issues. They must also be able to discharge your duties skillfully and they must also know about the technical aspects. Thus, the construction workers must take the CITB health, safety and environment tests to make them eligible to be present on the construction site. Due to the risks associated with construction sites, the Construction Skills and Certification Scheme or the CSCS was made mandatory for construction workers since the year 1995. It helped the workers to work more efficiently and to improve the quality of their work. The specialist highway works test is one such test.

What is it and why is it required?

The health, safety and environment specialist highway works test should be taken by those who construct highways and are always working at heights. There is a constant risk of falling from heights and getting major injuries and deaths may also occur. Thus, the workers must ensure that they are aware of the risks associated with such professions and must equip themselves accordingly. Therefore, taking the test is necessary. The test would enable them to take necessary precautions in order to protect themselves from incurring any health hazard or fatalities. A worker without a CSCS certificate in specialist highway works test should not be allowed in the construction premises by the authorities.

The test consists of 50 questions out of which one must answer 42 questions correctly in order to pass the examination. All the questions are multiple choice questions and 12 questions are from behavioral case study and 38 questions are based on the knowledge of the candidate taking the test. Among these 38 questions, 6 questions will be based on the specialist test. Mock tests and exams are available on different websites to help the candidates to fare well in their exams. Practice papers and previous years question papers are also available. The tests are conducted in accredited centers on touchscreen-based personal computers. The total time of taking the test is 45 minutes.

How to apply for the Health, Safety, and Environment Specialist Highway Works test?

The candidate first needs to decide upon the category of the specialist test that he/she wants to take based on his/her profession and then the specialist highway works test can be booked by filling the form online by registering your details or by a direct phone call on the available number.

We at Construction Helpline are always available for any queries regarding CSCS Card, and CITB tests and training the candidates. You can reach us by simply calling us on the number 0207 199 9800. We have helped a lot of people who have passed the health, safety and environment tests and CSCS highways test and have acquired a CSCS card.

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