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Health Safety and Environment Specialist Lifts and Escalators Test

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What is the CSCS Test?

CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme. It is a preeminent skill certification system of the construction industry of the United Kingdom. The system keeps a database of people working in the construction sector who are committed to achieving or have already achieved a recognised qualification related to construction. The CSCS documents the proof that a working individual has undergone the necessary training and fulfils the required qualification for the type of work that they do. Like most certification programme, a CSCS lift test guarantees authenticity and makes sure that you are covered in case of a breakdown. The application process, testing scheme and certification is authorised by and delivered under a legal contract by the CIBT (Construction Industry Training Board).

Why is it required?

A CSCS test is required to ensure the safe functioning of equipment in a construction site during and after the construction process. A lift and escalator test certified by the CIBT is of the utmost essence in most places nowadays. It ensures safety on the site and tests the candidate on his knowledge on a variety of issues to increase productivity. It makes sure that the particular individual is capable of his job. Often, workers have to be handed with delicate and hazardous elements which might have devastating effects if not taken proper care. Such unwanted happenings are prevented by the CSCS certified lift and escalator test.

Criteria for the test

Any professional employed in the construction sector can apply for the CSCS lift test. The individual is tested on his skills and knowledge about the field of his employment.

  • CITB Health Safety and Environment Test for the workers consist of 50 questions.
  • These questions are based on the primary knowledge essential for a worker and are related to Health and Welfare, General Safety, High-Risk Activities, Legal and Management and Environment. To test the candidate’s perception of issues related to health, safety and environment, behavioural case studies are also used.
  • The entire test has to be completed by the candidate within a time limit of 45
  • A total of 42 questions out of the 50 have to be answered correctly in order to pass.

How to apply

The CSCS lift and escalator test can be booked by individuals as well as a group. The test booking can be made in three ways- online, by phone or by post. To book the test online you have to create an account and register on the official website. After successful registration, log onto the website and make your booking by providing the necessary information. To apply for the CSCS lift test via phone, just call 0207 199 9800 and book your slot. The phone lines are active from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 9:00 am to 04:00 pm on Saturdays. You can also apply for this lift test via post by filling up the postal application form and mailing it to the official address.

Thus, taking the test is a simple procedure and ensures legal certification from the authorities to improve your employment opportunities.

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