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Health Safety and Environment Specialist Plumbing or Gas Test

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The CITB Test relevant for the plumbing and gas industry enables the worker to be qualified to work on the site. It has been made mandatory for all workers in the UK to obtain a CSCS card to meet the health safety guidelines.

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The Joint Industry Board issues the cards on the basis of appearing in the qualifying exam. For the plumbing and gas industry workers, this test is the basic means of being eligible to secure a job. The gas test is designed to examine the experience and qualifications of the worker. The certificate of the exam itself is usually valid for two years and if you apply for a specific card with your certificate, the cards are valid generally for five years.

Why it is required?

The issued card to the worker varies depending upon the test. The gas test is focused on the requirements of the industry and so is the plumbing test. The knowledge of the worker is tested through these exams and the cards are given to them. A worker with a valid card can work on the site. It ensures the clients as well as the companies that health safety guidelines are being adhered to. These tests help aware the worker about the safety guidelines and improvethe productivity of the workers. The primary requirements of the test are to make a worker qualified to acquire a job at a plumbing or gas project and make them aware of the health safety concerns on site.


Specialist Plumbing Test is for Plumber, heating Fitter, Mechanical Pipefitter, Trainee, Plumbing Related gas, Gas Engineers & Fitters cards; Operatives Test is for Plumbing Related Occupations and Site Visitor cards; Managers & Professionals Test is for the Manager card;. Supervisors test is for Supervisor cards; Level 1 Award or Operative Test Site Safety Plus is for Labourer card. The basic criteria to appear for these testsare to be a skilled worker in the industry. The card certifies your qualification and makes you a worker eligible for hire to work on the site.

How to Apply?

The gas test and the plumbing test can be applied for online. The process of application is simple. You can go to the site and apply for the card you require, you will receive test dates and upon passing the test you are eligible for the card. Check with your consultant to be sure which card you need to apply for and which exam you need to opt for. There are additional test matters available on various websites and you can even take mock tests to help you prepare for the final test. You can even apply for and study specific topics. These mock tests help you ace the final.

The test is only required for workers applying for CSCS card. In the case of renewals, you do not need to appear for the test again. The tests are 45 minutes in duration and consist of multiple choice questions that are put together in a manner that examines your practical knowledge in the field. The study material equips candidates with valuable knowledge in case of emergencies and accidents on site.

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