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Health Safety and Environment Specialist Working at Height Test

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CITB working at height test is a specialised test to serve many social, economic and environmental purposes to acknowledge about the underground tunnel system. The main purpose of this test is to ensure all details concerning the underground spaces in an area.  For thorough testing, you may contact the construction consultancy companies. They look into managements concerning waste, necessities, and those affected areas suffering severely from natural calamities, water insufficiency, waste management, etc. They benefit you by giving-

  1. Practical awareness working at extreme heights,
  2. Knowledge from preventing any mishaps,
  3. Training for quick first-aid application on emergency cases,
  4. Legal knowledge of health safety issues.

Why is it required?

This special CITB working at height test helps you to acquire perfection in the construction field. It provides proof that an individual has required training and qualifications which will help him to understand the type of jobs required in the construction site. This training will help every employee on a construction site with detailed knowledge to tackle any emergency situation along with safety measurement especially working on height. Therefore, this kind of test will determine the individual’s potential, capacity and work management. The employee will be certified and given a CSCS identification card. Although the CSCS card is not mandatory requirement contractors and other major renowned builders, demands workers who have CSCS card for best performance and management after examining test results, they ensure you that the underground is fit for your desired plan.


The minimum criteria for applying this test require some basic health safety measures ideas that the candidate must know when applying for a specialist course. It is a primary test that cheeks the knowledge on some necessary steps required in a construction site. The technical knowledge like safety measurements, high-risk assessment activities, fire prevention and control, manual handling, first aiding, safety behaviours, health and welfare will help the individual to raise their standard in their work process. In this way, it helps the employee to grow more work efficiency and perfection in the construction field with a better experience. In this test, the candidate is given a time period of 45 minutes and he/she has to answer 50 questions. The examiner for CSCS working at heights test the candidate’s special knowledge on a specific field, help the examiner to analyse where he/she fulfils the criteria and fit for the job.

How to apply?

If you are willing to apply for CITB test, you should visit online to gain proper information about applying. There are pre-defined topics covered for your better understanding. Click on ‘apply now’ and can get the original information about the terms and conditions to give this kind of exams.  Or, you can directly call the nearest CSCS test centre. And under their guidance, you can get every detail about this exam.  They are also expert in finding and guiding you for a better career choice.

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