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Health Safety and Environment Test for Managers and Professionals

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Our health safety test for managers and professionals are designed keeping mind the growing health safety concerns in the construction industry. The managers and professionals working in the hazardous industry are regularly faced with the challenges of ensuring the protection and safety of their workforce. They need to be aware of the regulatory measures and environmental laws to keep themselves updated. So there needs to be some form of structured guidelines which will keep the supervisors aware of their duty and practices. The need for a test of this kind cannot be ignored.

What is this?

Our CITB test for the professionalsis the best examination for construction and heavy industry professionals and managers.  The test provides a set of guidelines to be followed while working in the industry. This is a kind of assessment and skill test to judge the efficiency of managers working in this sector. Our health safety test for managers and professionals is tailored to meet the needs of supervisors in the construction industry. These tests also check the level of environmental awareness among managers and professionals. The training and quality issues of the managers can also be addressed by completing this test material.

Why is it required?

Managers and leaders of the construction industry have to be aware of the health safety of their workforce. A lost life or injured worker results in huge compensatory packages which result in economic loss and negative publicity for the sector. It is now mandatory for all managers to pass the CITB test designed for professionalsand we have improved the quality of our tests so that it positively affects the efficiency of the workers in the workplace. The tests check the professional’s awareness of the legal, management, health, safety, and environmental aspects. The health safety test for managers and professionals acts as a green labourer card to enter as a supervisor in the construction industry.


There are certain job-specific qualification requirements in order to appear for our CITB test for managers and professionals. Passing the NVQ or SVQ level tests are required. Passing this special health safety test qualifies the managers and professionals for the black CSCS card. All card holders also need to pass the Managers and professionals test.

How to apply

Application for this test are being conducted both online and offline. For online booking, we need to have debit or credit card ready and also fill out a form. Book our test offline by calling the direct helpline numbers. We have also introduced temporary test canters to facilitate easy mobility.  This service is beneficial for the entire workforce because people do not need to travel to the examination site. Postal booking can be availed by filling out the postal application form which is available at our office premises. The applicants need to mention their postal address, special assistant requirements, CITB registration number, payment modes, choice of test centres and the type of test they want to appear.

Wrap Up:

This CITB test for managers and professionals has been designed keeping in mind the growing need for awareness for safety in the construction sector. We rank number one is conducting the health safety test for managers and professionals test and we are sure it will help the professionals working in the construction industry by keeping them and the operatives secure.

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