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Health Safety and Environment Test for Operatives

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We have introduced the health and operations test as an important measure for construction workers to keep them safe during their job. These tests are mandatory for workers to pass. There are also some environmental tests which the workers need to keep in mind while going about their job. The construction industry has certain specific hazards like lack of basic standards of safety, working with heavy machinery, less regulatory measures and temporary nature of the work involved. So it is important for workers to take the CITB operatives test for their safety.

What is this?

We conduct numerous operatives test to ensure that operatives are safe in their workplace. The CITB operatives test is one such test that checks whether the skilled workers in the construction industry are following the basic guidelines.  It also helps to raise the safety and environment bar of workers in this sector.

Strict environmental regulation in the work sites nowadays means workers need to fully aware of the guidelines which need to be followed during their work. Our health safety operatives test is an online skill-based exam to test the basic knowledge and skills of workers in the construction industry and to make them aware of environmental concerns. We have introduced test cards to maintain the standards of training and quality and they are now given to workers passing the test.

Why is it required?

Workers in the construction industry go through a lot of risks as accidents happen frequently. These accidents result in loss of life and incur huge financial expenses on the part of the industry.  It also brings in all sorts of negative publicity for the company.

It is important that workers must go through these operatives test which will ensure their basic safety and reduce carbon footprints. Our tests will ensure that the person passing this test is given a safety card which he can use for identification purposes. This CITB operatives test examines the knowledge and skill across a broad spectrum to improve site productivity.


There are certain qualifications one needs to fulfil while appearing for our test. To apply you need to have completed QCF Level or Level 4 in CITB operatives test and possess a valid SCQF Level 5 certification. CITB also accepts other alternative qualifications. One can apply for this test card holding a valid Safety on site awareness certificate or an IOSH workers safety certificate.

How to apply

There are several ways to apply for our CITB operatives test and become a valid CSCS card holder in the construction site. Applications are being accepted from an individual, groups or mobile testing services. We also conduct this test as a touch screen exam.

While booking keep the following information ready:

  1. The type of test you want to apply.
  2. The test centre of your choice
  3. Full postal address for communication
  4. CITB registration number if you have taken the test earlier and you job card number.
  5. Mode of payment
  6. Special assistance requirements

While working in the construction industry it is important to keep in mind the safety and environment risks for the workers and for the community as well. So we have introduced the health safety operations test to guarantee the security of operatives.

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