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CSCS Test in Isle of Mull

CSCS Test Location CSCS Test in Isle of Mull

Why should you do a CSCS Test in Isle of Mull?

If travelling is fun to you, Oban or Fort William maybe a suitable place to take your CSCS Test at. For people who are busy and spendthrift, taking your CSCS Test in Isle of Mull will make a lot of sense. The test centre is within walking distance from your residence saving you valuable time, energy and pounds in the process.


Pearson Professional Centres – Isle of Mull
Craignure Village Hall
Isle of Mull
PA65 6AY


– The CSCS Test centre is near to the Village Inn and the Police Station

You are nearly four times as likely to get injured or sick on sites as compared to any other workplace. By enabling you to preempt onsite safety hazards, CSCS Test makes you – and the whole site by extension – safer and healthier. The test also makes you eligible for the CSCS Card and thousands of jobs in the country. Even if you can manage without the card, take the test for your safety.
At Construction Helpline we can help get the right card for you by CSCS Test in Isle of Mull. For more information, give us a call on 0207 199 9800.

How to book a CSCS Test

Just give us a call on 0207 199 9800 and you are set. We have an experienced team that will find – in case you don’t know – and book the proper CSCS Test for you. What more? You can even customize the test timing to your liking.

We help you pass the CSCS Test

Construction Helpline doesn’t believe in half measures! Not only we book the test, but also offer revision material – DVD/Book – to help you pass. As per our estimate, as many as 95% people who buy revision material pass in maiden attempt. Hope you get the drift! For few unlucky ones, retake option will give you another shot at test and success.
Apply online or give us a call on 0207 199 9800. From booking to passing the CSCS Test in Isle of Mull, we’ve got you covered.

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