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Why do I need CSCS Revision Material?

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When it comes to preparing for an exam, it’s important to map out a comprehensive revision strategy that will ensure you pass any challenging exam. CSCSCITB or NVQ tests are no easy feat, see you must stick to a strict study schedule,  understand what concepts and topics to learn, have an understanding of what questions you might be asked, complete mock tests and lastly, invest in revision material.  

Writing notes and purchasing textbooks is an integral part of the educational process, which not only facilitates the perception and understanding of the topic but also greatly simplifies the future passing of exams. CSCS cards are arguably the most important on-site safety licenses that construction workers need in the UK, so the CSCS test is worthy of attention, so it is advisable to study it in detail. Why is revision material important? 

Why is it important to have CSCS revision material 

  • scoring and focusing on the most important points, formulas, terms, definitions, characteristics
  • sequence of narration and presentation, smooth transition from simple to complex
  • the ability to highlight and remember the main thing from a new topic
  • the opportunity to refresh the memory of the passed material, if necessary, before the session
  • a chance to apply visual knowledge in practice
  • an excellent cheat sheet, which you can use on the exam if you wish
  • a relaxed manner of taking notes (who knows how to do it)
  • the opportunity to improve the mark on the exam by diligent taking notes
  • worthy replacement of textbooks on specific topics
  • simplified training system

Why are CSCS cards important? 

CSCS cards are globally recognised construction licenses that enable workers to carry out their job on any construction site. CSCS cards are important as they teach individuals about crucial health safety principles, operations management, and general skills of working effectively and efficiently in your role. Construction bodies & companies unilaterally established CSCS cards as mandatory licenses to have whilst carrying out work on site. As a lot of construction work involves working at high heights and using hazardous substances and heavy machinery, organisations use CSCS cards as a means to validate a person’s capability of working in this environment. Although it is not a legal requirement to have a CSCS card to be a construction worker, you will have difficulties trying to land a job that requires you to work on-site. 

CSCS revision material should be your number one priority 

To be prepared to pass the CSCS test you must look for ways that will improve your memory. A vital way of improving your memory is constantly reading the topics and questions associated with the CSCS tests. The topics and questions are found in revision material. One of the most valuable CSCS revision material is the Health, Safety & Environment Test for Managers & Professionals, as well the Health, Safety & Environment Test for Operatives & Specialists books. Visit Construction Helpline’s website to view the full list of construction revision material, as well as key content that will significantly benefit your revision strategy.  

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