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How to Book CSCS Test in Sidcup

CSCS Test is provided by the Construction Industry Training Board, the identified industry accreditation body for construction. You will be acknowledged after qualifying your CSCS Test in Sidcup.

CSCS test is compulsory for all UK construction workers. Without a CSCS Test, you may be inadequate to get the job you want in the construction industry.

Employers engaged in the UK construction industry review your CSCS Card as a verification of your competence, skills, knowledge, health, and safety awareness.

How do I apply for a CSCS Test?

Apply for your CSCS Test by calling free on 0207 199 9800 |. If you use the internet, then apply for your CSCS Test online.

Construction Helpline will also organize your Construction NVQ and your CSCS Test so that you can apply for construction industries. We’ll send out a qualified Assessor to mark you for your Construction NVQ onsite, so you don’t have to miss any work.
CSCS Card Test

We can manage for your CSCS Card Test in as less as 72 hours from your inquisition, and we trade all the formal CSCS Test revision materials. Speak to our Construction Helpline about applying for your CSCS Card today.

What type of CSCS Test do I need to take?

The category of CSCS Test you take will calculate on the business you trade in and the job that you perform in that industry. Most of the UK construction business will demand you to take an Operative CSCS Test to entitle you for your CSCS Card.

Administrators and bosses must take either the CSCS Supervisors Test or the MAP (Managerial and Professional) CSCS Test in the line to get their Gold and Black CSCS Cards.

Affiliate CSCS Card business (electro-technical; PHMES; and the activities covered by the other associated cards listed here) may either be appropriate to take CSCS Card Tests which are especially tailored to the character of the hazards that their specific job exposes them to.

Things you need to do before going to appear for the test:

• Re-examine! We can hand over the tools you need to clear the CSCS Test in Sidcup related to Health and Safety.

• If you request either CSCS Revision materials for CSCS Test, DVDs or CSCS Revision Books, please call us or claim at the time of booking.

• Over 70% of applicants who fail may not have reviewed the material.

What will happen when you go to the test centre?

Do not Worry about the test centre faculty as they are there to schedule your test and make sure that you can take your test without being disrupted.

They will attend you and make sure that you are booked in, they will check your ID, and take your picture for safety purposes; also, they will guide you to seat at the test station. After your test is over, they will provide you with your result certificate. The test centre faculty are unable to deal with any booking queries, if you have any, please contact us.

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