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The Southwark Construction Skill Centre is a collective strategy, and developmental associates are created to fix up world-class guidance resources specially designed to deliver an ingenious real-life construction experience with a spotlight on those who live and struggle in Southwark, as well as the broader Southwark area and beyond the bounds.

Our main goal is to boost employment and coaching opportunities in the construction industry for local folks by using our centre as an outright service for on- and off-site training with assuring a high-quality trainee experience. We aid those people who desire to apply for CSCS test in Southwark and want to commence working in the construction sector with a level-up.

We are here to serve and support all the local employers, community groups, industry associates, facilitate the higher education institutions and local stakeholders in every zone of the construction industry to drive management improvement.

We are passionate about exhilarating and engaging youngsters who want to work in the construction sector and run a range of school commitment activities to highlight the scope of opportunities available.

Are you seeking to book your CSCS test and don’t know how to do?

• You should have the necessary qualifications: To apply for a CSCS test, you have to justify the necessary training and qualifications required to carry out your job.

• You must know the type of card you should apply for: The type of activities you do and your qualifications or membership of qualifies bodies will determine which type of CSCS Card you should apply for.

If you still feel hassled about choosing the right card and right field, then, contact us. Our experienced executives will select the right card for you whether you at managerial level or you are labour.

Contact us at Construction Helpline to guide you

Construction absolutely works entirely with individuals and associates in the construction business. Our professional team takes the inconvenience out of booking your construction tests. You accredit us to know what tests you need to book and when you are comfortable to take the test. And we will sort the rest.

If you are seeking to enroll your test at the earliest opportunity, our team will look out for any cancellations and get you enlisted so that you can appear the test asap. If you are a company associate looking to make a group booking for your test, we are pleased to work with you to find the most convenient test centre near your surroundings and favorable dates for your team.

When you book with Construction Helpline, you will come to know when you have to renew your cards. Also, we have developed alerts and reminders which will guide you when you or your team are due for renewal so you will not lose an opportunity due to an out of date card again.

When you have made up your mind to apply for CSCS Test in Southwark, please contact our centre on We would be the right people to guide you in the right direction.

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