Advantages of Construction NVQ

Advantage of Construction NVQ

NVQ stands for National Vocational Qualification. In the Construction field there are many subjects in which Construction NVQ’s can be achieved. These range from carpentry to plastering to demolition of structures and very many others. There are various levels of NVQ’S that can be achieved in many subjects ranging from 1 to 7. The higher the number the more expertise a person can show in their field of work.

The advantage of obtaining a Construction NVQ is that an individual does not have to miss a days’ work. Also the individual can be assessed whilst they are on the Construction site.

The other advantage is that an individual can greatly increase their job prospects by achieving NVQ’S and the higher the level of NVQ they achieve the more appealing they will be to employers.

Overall it is very beneficial to have Construction NVQ. Not only from the point of view of being recognised as a qualified person but also due to job prospects.


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