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Advantages of Blue CSCS Cards

In construction, skilled workers are always sort after by employers and contractors to ensure health and safety measures are being met on-site. Since having a CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card has become a pre-requisite to enter construction sites in the UK, construction workers across the country have one are currently in the process of getting one. The Blue Skilled Worker card is one of the best options for workers who want to elevate their career in the industry and have multiple benefits in comparison to other CSCS cards, such as the entry-level Green Labourer card. 

What is a Blue CSCS card? 

A CSCS card is a form of physical proof that you are trained and qualified in health and safety practices when working on a construction site. A Blue CSCS Skilled Worker card allows individuals to perform more technical tasks on-site that may not necessarily be carried out by worker possessing a Green Labourer card. You can apply for a blue CSCS card once completing a level 2 NVQ or an apprenticeship of the same qualification level within the past 2 years of the card application. A blue CSCS card is perfect for workers who may be experienced in a role but do not yet have managerial or supervisor responsibilities yet. 

Advantages of a Blue CSCS card: 

Career Progression 

Getting a Blue CSCS card is the first step in progressing your career in construction and provides you with the chance to progress on to more skilled and experienced CSCS cards. For example, if you are looking to secure a management role, the Blue CSCS card will give you the opportunity to prove your health and safety knowledge to your employer. In addition, if you seek a career in supervisory, holding a Blue Skilled Worker card gives you the foundation to undertake a level 3 NVQ qualification to apply for a Gold CSCS card in Supervisory. Finally, if you just want to become an expert in your field/trade, you can apply for an Advanced Craft Gold card, showing employers you have years of expert input and experience. 

(It is important to note that all CSCS cards mentioned above are available at Construction Helpline.) 

Employment Possibilities 
One of the benefits of holding a blue CSCS card is the employment possibilities and benefits that come with it. With the UK construction industry needing to recruit 43,000 new workers a year up until 2025 to combat the current skills shortage, contractors and employers are constantly looking for new, skilled individuals to be part of the next generation in construction. Holding a blue CSCS card shows you are more qualified than the average construction worker, meaning fewer people will be applying for the job role you are interested in. 

The potential difference in pay from construction workers holding a Green Labourer card and Blue CSCS card is profound. With the main contrast between the two cards is the amount of responsibility held by the individual, having more responsibility and being a more qualified member of staff often warrants an increase in salary. 


The Blue CSCS card is one of the most beneficial CSCS cards available for construction professionals and will be greatly beneficial to any worker who applies for one. 


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