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Advantages of Gold CSCS cards

The aim of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is to increase the safety of construction and ensure all safety measures are being met by workers so they can have the ability to do their role safely and effectively. CSCS cards provide holders the ability to gain access to construction sites, with every card having their own set of advantages. This article will focus on the advantages of the gold CSCS card. 

What is a Gold CSCS card? 

The gold CSCS card can come in the form of 2 cards: 

  • The CSCS Gold Supervisory card – holding this card shows you have the skills and expertise to supervise personnel within a construction environment. 
  • The CSCS Gold Advanced Craft card – holding this card shows you have advanced knowledge of a specific discipline within the industry. 

Both forms of the card require holders to have achieved a level 3/4 NVQ or a construction equivalent qualification, as well as a passed CITB Health, Safety & Environment test. The CITB HS&E test must have been taken within the last 2 years of your gold card application, otherwise you will have to take another. It is important to note that this card is valid for 5 years. 

Advantages of a Gold CSCS card: 

Entry level for Black Manager card 
One of the main reasons workers gain gold CSCS cards is that it is the perfect entry point in qualifying for the CSCS black manager card. In order to qualify for a black manager card and gain managerial responsibilities on-site, applicants must achieve a high level 5/6/7 construction NVQ, along with possessing adequate experience in the role. Career progression is a major benefit within the construction industry and the gold CSCS card provides that opportunity for progression. 

Greater Career Opportunities 
Holding a gold CSCS card can give you greater career opportunities when looking for work in construction. With gold CSCS card holders having greater value over those who have a green labourer card or blue skilled worker card, you will be able to separate yourself from the crowd and compete more effectively on job searches. 

Be in constant demand 
Contractors and employers are always looking for CSCS certified workers in the industry, especially those with a higher skillset. Holding a gold CSCS card shows you have enough skill experience in your specific sector or capable of being responsible for overseeing other workers, both of which are highly sought-after. 

Better pay 
Gold CSCS card holders are more liable to be paid more than other CSCS card holders due to the expertise they possess. Employers and contractors are willing to pay more for the most qualified CSCS workers, making those who have a gold CSCS card more likely to be paid more than blue and green card holders, for example. 


Gold CSCS cards hold a strong place when it comes to CSCS cards, expressing characteristics of leadership and experience. Both types of gold CSCS cards can be purchased at Construction Helpline, as well as all other CSCS and construction training related services. 


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