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Advantages of Red CSCS cards

As the entry-level option for CSCS cards, the red CSCS cards hold many benefits that can be useful to construction professionals and individuals looking to get into the industry. The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is set out to provide construction workers proof that they can work on-site regarding health and safety regulations. This article will discuss the advantages of red CSCS cards and how they can be beneficial for you. 

What is a red CSCS card? 

A red CSCS card is a temporary card, specifically for professionals who are working towards a construction related qualification. A red CSCS card provides proof, when working on-site, that you are in the process of gaining a qualification that will help elevate your construction career. There are a total of 5 types of red CSCS cards available to construction professionals, all serving different purposes and experience levels: 

  • Red CSCS card – Trainee 
  • Red CSCS card – Apprentice 
  • Red CSCS card – Industry Placement 
  • Red CSCS card – Experienced Worker 
  • Red CSCS card – Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager 

Advantages of red CSCS cards: 

Earn while you learn 
By acquiring a red CSCS card, you won’t have to leave you current position that could possibly risk your livelihood in order to gain your qualification. Registering for a red CSCS card gives you the means to earn while you are learning for your relevant construction related qualification. 

Continued access to construction sites 
In order to work on any construction site, you must be allowed access by showing proof that you own the relevant CSCS card. A red CSCS card provides you with adequate proof to continue being allowed on-site while gaining your construction qualification. 

Help ensure a safer workplace 
In order to obtain a red CSCS card, it is necessary to have passed a CITB Health, Safety & Environment test. Passing this test shows you are aware of the health and safety protocols needed to be performed to ensure a safe working environment is being met.  

Shows sincerity and competence to employers 
Holding a red CSCS card proves to employers that you are in the process, or have the intention, of making a career in construction and that you are serious about gaining construction relevant qualifications to move up in your career. 


All red CSCS cards are available at Construction Helpline, a leading provider in construction health and safety services, holding the primary focus of digitising construction competency in the United Kingdom.


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