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Bag A Builder – Who Are We?

Bag A Builder – Who are we?

When it comes to finding the right tradesperson for your specific needs, it can be a tedious task. That is why at Bag A Builder, we take the hassle out of finding the right tradesperson with our state of the art matchmaking system that will help both homeowners and construction companies find authenticated, qualified and skilled tradespeople.

Our Aim

At Bag A Builder, we aim to create an industry leading directory of professional, local tradespeople that can be easily accessed by customers and tradesman alike. Our power comes from allowing our customers to have the appropriate tools to search for the right professional based on trade, distance and rating. We wish to bridge the gap between customers and tradespeople by providing a seamless service that both parties can take advantage of.

The Services We Offer

Bag A Builder has a variety of services to offer that are valuable to both those who are seeking tradespeople and qualified tradespeople looking for work. Some of our services include:

Post a Job – This feature is for homeowners, firms or anyone looking for a skilled tradesperson. Once your job is posted, we alert the new job listing to all the appropriate tradespeople, who will review the job offer and send competitive quotes to your inbox. If requirements for your job have changed since you posted the listing, you are able to edit the listing to amend the said changes.

For more information on our Post a Job portal, click here.

Find a Job – By signing up with Bag A Builder, tradespeople will have access to thousands of job opportunities across the country from firms and homeowners. Once signed up, you will be able to send quotes to homeowners and apply for job openings from firms. Upon completion of the job, you will get instant feedback from homeowners and construction firms to help boost your profile, increasing your chances of getting more job opportunities.

For qualified profile tips, click here.

BAB Recruit – Bag A Builder Recruit is specifically tailored for reputable firms who are looking for a qualified trades professional. Upon signing up and posting your construction project with us, skilled tradespeople will then be able to apply for your listing. Once you review job applications, you can select the ideal trades professional to work on your project and once you agree the terms, your working relationship can begin.

For more information on how BAB Recruit works, click here.

Our Core Values

As an organisation, our mission and values are just as important to us as the services we provide and we believe it is essential to share these core values with our customers:

We support cultural diversity in the workplace and value the individual needs of our employees. We believe in creating a construction industry that is inclusive to people from all backgrounds.​

We at Bag A Builder thrive on tackling new challenges and advocating technological advancement in our industry. We see digitisation as the future for construction training and hope our platform grows in accordance with this.​

We have built our workplace culture around trust, transparency and honesty and we embody these principles in the training solutions we provide.

We believe in the power of collaboration and working together. Our strong relationships with key industry stakeholders allow us to develop and deliver the very best training courses.


Whether you are a construction firm looking for a certified bricklayer, a homeowner looking for a qualified electrician or an authenticated plumber looking for work in your local area, Bag A Builder is the perfect portal for all your trades professional needs. Find out more here on how we can assist you today!

To check out our Bag a builder brochure, visit here.


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