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Can i Get CSCS Card Without Having construction NVQ

Can I get a CSCS Card without having a Construction NVQ?

A CSCS Card is the one mandatory card that is essential for anyone who will come into contact with a Construction site. Without the card in most of the construction sites you are not allowed to work. CSCS Cards are so important because they provide the proof that you are aware of all the health and safety implications of being on a Construction site and that you do not pose any risk to other colleagues. There are many different CSCS Cards that can be gained depending on if you have any qualifications or you current  job description.

A Construction NVQ is a National Vocational Qualification in Construction. There are over 100 NVQ’S to choose from in the Construction field. They also are graded from 1-7 depending on the level of NVQ you would like to achieve. The link between a CSCS Card and NVQ is that the higher the level of NVQ you have achieved, the more advanced CSCS Card you can have. This means you can undertake more responsibility in your field of work and also stand out for potential employers.

There are certain CSCS Cards for example, the green CSCS Card which you do not require any NVQ Qualification for. This card is ideal for labourers. However, the Blue CSCS Card for skilled workers requires you to have NVQ Level 2 in your chosen field of work. So therefore CSCS Cards can be gained without having an NVQ but everything depend on your individual needs and the level of CSCS Card you require.


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