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Construction Overview

  Construction: An Industry Overview

The construction industry is huge, “sustainable”, as old as the world, and consumes up to 10% of all money used in the world. On average, it can be Read more...
sssts course

  Why do I need to take an SSSTS course?

What is an SSSTS course?   Highly regarded by the Build UK society, the Site Supervisory Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is a fundamental Read more...
smsts courses

  Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) is a five-day training course that is designed for project managers, supervisors and site Read more...

  What Construction Qualifications Do You Need In The UK?

Construction is possibility one of the most dynamic, impactful, and profitable industries in the world. Since the beginning of its time, construction Read more...
construction qualifications

  Why are Construction Qualifications so Important?

The United Kingdom has been (and still is) going through a monumental shift in possibly every single professional sector. Colossal geopolitical events Read more...
construction qualifications

  Why Should We Invest Into Construction Qualifications?

Construction is one of the most ancient spheres of human activity, and it has not lost its relevance since the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids Read more...
CSCS assessment

  How to book your CSCS Assessment? – Step by step guide

How to book your CSCS assessment? – Step by step guide  At Construction Helpline Ltd, we provide you with help to ensure you Read more...
Health and Safety Course

  Why should you take the Health and Safety Course?

At Construction Helpline Ltd we can offer you content-filled, introductory Health and Safety course that will enable you to have a better overview of Read more...
competency on construction sites

  Competency on construction sites

Competency is a skill that workers across all industries should possess. Workers should feel equipped to do their job – this is especially important Read more...
Construction Worker

  Building site health and safety– how is effective training transforming construction?

Building site health and safety training for workers is crucial, but how is it transforming the construction industry as a whole? Our team of training Read more...

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