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  What Languages are Available for the CSCS Test?

All construction staff has to take the CSCS test before they engage in a construction site work area. But as we know, all the construction employees Read more...
competency on construction sites

  Competency on construction sites

Competency is a skill that workers across all industries should possess. Workers should feel equipped to do their job – this is especially important Read more...
UK General Election

  UK General Election – how will it affect construction?

It was the news on everyone’s lips in the lead up to Christmas; the General Election. As we now know, the Conservatives won with a majority, but what Read more...
Book Bricklayer CSCS card Online

  How to get a CSCS Card for Bricklayer

It does not matter whether you are a standard labourer, site supervisor or a skilled worker, one should carry a valid CSCS card in order to secure a job Read more...
Information About SSSTS Course

  Information about Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Course?

The construction industry can be a quite hazardous place to work in. This is why the CITB has introduced the Construction Skills and certificate scheme Read more...

Information About SMSTS Course

  Information about Site Management Safety Training Scheme

Safety in the UK construction industry is an issue that is gaining prominence. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)—the government body responsible Read more...

Which CSCS courses are required in construction?

  Which CSCS Courses are Required in Construction?

The construction skills and certification scheme (CSCS) is a non-profit database of construction workers in the United Kingdom. A CSCS certification serves Read more...

How to Prepare for Managers and Professionals Test

  How to Prepare for Managers and Professionals Test

If you aspire to be a construction manager for a top firm in the UK, then the CSCS test for both managers and professionals is a “must take” for you. Read more...

How do you Get a Black CSCS Card

  How do you get a Black CSCS Card?

The Black CSCS Card is needed for those who are working, or want to work, as a manager to a construction site. Like with every CSCS Card, it’s a two Read more...

Process to Gain Red CSCS Card

  What is the process to gain a Red CSCS Card?

Skilled workers get more salary and respect in comparison to those who are perhaps not as skilled. This is why individuals who are educated and ambitious Read more...


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