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Construction Helpline Talks to Amos Simbo, Founder of BPIC

Construction Helpline were honoured to be joined by Amos Simbo, founder of the Black Professionals in Construction Network (BPIC) last week.  

BPIC Network is an inclusion business, working with industry leaders in Construction to ensure that ethnic minorities are represented.  

The success of the network has seen them partner with many, including Construction Helpline, to help ethnic minorities access opportunities such as training and learning to assist individuals in their career aspirations. 

The CHL and BPIC partnership is aimed to provide training courses to young future professionals, with ease, by promoting the diverse range of opportunities available through Construction Helpline. These include CSCS Cards and Courses for construction workers, labourers, skilled workers such as carpenters, machine operators and more.  

In a recent video interview, Amos reiterated “our vision is to have a long-lasting impact on the industry, get it known widely and be part of the cultural perspective”.  

 When asked how the relationship with Construction Helpline has helped young professionals from ethnic minorities get access to the training resources, he said “the uptake was surprising, within 20 minutes, we had over 55 applications. It’s fantastic” 

Take a look at the full interview. 

For more information on BPIC, visit their site here.  

For information on the range of courses with Construction Helpline, visit our website. Use code green10’ at checkout for 10% off Green Labourer Cards and Courses.  


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