Management and Supervisory Courses

Construction Management and Supervisory Courses

Although the employer is the first person responsible for safety at work, all the subjects who share the same work environment must take steps to ensure that health and safety at work are protected. Here you will find a series of useful contents organized precisely for workplace safety figures

The employer shall ensure that each worker receives adequate instruction Construction Health Safety Courses in the field of health and safety, including with respect to linguistic knowledge, with individual example to the, (a) Idea to risk, corporate prevention organization, damage, duties and rights of the various corporate subjects, supervisory bodies, prevention, assistance and protection control. (B) Risks factors connected to the possibility of damage, duties and to the possible protection and prevention procedures and measures which are characteristic of the sector to which the company belongs.

Maximum details of the course

The employer must also ensure that each worker gets enough professional training in relation to the specific risks referred to. Without prejudice to the provisions already in force on the matter, the training referred to in the preceding period is defined by the agreement referred to. Training and, where foreseen, specific training must take place on the occasion of:
a) The establishment of the employment relationship or the start of use in the case of work administration
b) The transfer or change of duties
c) The introduction of new work equipment or new technologies, new dangerous substances and preparations.
Training is carried out by an expert person and at the workplace. The training of workers and their representatives must be periodically repeated in relation to the evolution of risks or the onset of new risks

Course and field management

The managers and the supervisors receive from the employer an adequate and specific training and a periodical update in relation to their duties in the field of health and safety at work. In any case, emergency management must receive adequate and specific training and periodic update. The training of workers and that of their representatives must take place, in collaboration with the joint bodies, where present in the sector and in the territory where the employer’s activities take place, during the working hours. Work and cannot entail economic burdens for workers.
The occupational safety technician is the professional responsible for preserving the physical integrity of company employees. It inspects working conditions, equipment, and facilities to ensure the elimination of health risks. Another of its functions is to make the norms are fulfilled to act in a preventive way.

Conclusion: Are you certified?

The CSCS Card certificate is awarded to the participant who in the assessment has reached professional grade. The participant then receives a digital copy of the certificate via email shortly after the course is completed. The validity of the certificate may vary, which indicates that all employees must receive admission and periodic training. In this way, the periodicity of the certificate will depend on the number of admissions and the need for guarantees for the execution of the activities with security. The Technical Work Safety course needs to be done in a recognized institution with trained professionals.



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