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CSCS Blue Card vs White Card for Construction Workers

CSCS cards are the only physical and universal method of proving you are fully qualified to work safely on a construction site. Skilled and trained workers are always sort after within the industry, so possessing a CSCS card is a great way to show employers that you are prepared to take on on-site tasks. With over 13 different CSCS cards available, it can be confusing when deciding which card is best suited for you. This article will specifically focus on the Blue CSCS card and White CSCS cards, the difference between the two and which one is best suited for the type of construction work you are interested in. 

Blue CSCS Card 

The Blue CSCS Skilled Worker card is made available to those who have passed a Level 2 NVQ or another construction equivalent qualification. This card is perfectly suited for workers who may have a green labourer card that want to upskill in order to build their career to the next step. Acquiring a blue CSCS card can provide workers with the possibility of having an increased wage while also increasing their responsibilities on-site. In order to qualify for a blue CSCS card, workers must have passed a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test within the last 2 years. It is also important to note that blue CSCS cards hold a validity for 5 years and will require a renewal upon expiration. 

White CSCS Cards 

White CSCS cards are more specialised towards professionally qualified operatives/construction workers with relevant academic qualifications. There are 2 types of white CSCS cards that are available for construction workers: 

Academically Qualified Person Card (AQP) 

The Academically Qualified Person Card is issued for construction workers with relevant academic qualifications but have not yet passed an NVQ course. This card specifically covers a variety of construction and civil engineering qualifications, that can include both BSc and MSc degrees. In order to apply for an AQP card, you must complete a ‘Technical, Supervisor or Manager Application’ form and have passed a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test. 

Professionally Qualified Person Card (PQP) 

The Professionally Qualified Person Card is distributed for competence-assessed members of CSCS approved professional bodies. PQP card owners should have records from the past 2 years from Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that is verified by a professional institution from a member that is of equal or higher position than your own. In order to apply for a PQP card, you must complete a PQP form and pass the ‘Managerial and Professional health, safety and environmental test’. 

Both white AQP and PQP cards hold validity for 5 years and require renewal upon expiry. 


Whether you are interested in a blue CSCS card or a white CSCS card, having the correct qualifications is essential to acquiring either. Both types of cards will prove that you are a skilled worker who is able to operate construction-related tasks. 


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