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cscs cards update

CSCS Cards – Latest Government Updates & Changes

CSCS Cards – Latest Government Updates & Changes

What is a CSCS card?

A CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card is physical proof that you are rightly qualified and have the appropriate training to work safely on-site. Although they are not a legislative requirement, employers across the UK are making CSCS services mandatory for working on a construction site. There are over a dozen type of CSCS cards that reflect the different occupations and qualifications within the construction sector, ranging from trainee to managerial roles.

Changes made in applying for CSCS card Occupational Work Supervision

After consultation with the construction industry, the National Working Group (NWG) for Occupational Work Supervision (OWS) have confirmed the removal of the endorsement list while redefining the pre-entry requirements for OWS Level 3 NVQs. The NWG accepts that it is the responsibility of employers to ensure all site supervisors are capable of carrying out their duties. Operations manager for the CSCS, Garry Mortimer, supports the findings of the NWG and has stated that this removal of the endorsement will “simplify the card application process”.

This announcement means that from the 1st October 2021 the CSCS will stop printing the occupational endorsement on the reverse of the card and any new card applications.

What is a Gold Supervisory card?

The Supervisory Gold CSCS card is suited for workers who taking the position of site supervisor in a construction environment. The role of a construction supervisor will always involve overseeing the work of others, ensuring they are completing their tasks safely and correctly, which usually involves site checks and inspections.

New entry requirements

Applicants need only to provide evidence of their own OWS NVQ/SVQ and to have passed the Specialist Supervisor CITB Health Safety and Environment CSCS test within the last two years. The NWG for OWS has approved any of the following as an entry requirement for those taking an OWS NVQ and SVQ:

  1. The individual’s occupational industry experience prior to being registered Occupational Work Supervision qualification.
  2. The individual’s experience and ability in supervising teams.
  3. The individual is occupationally competent to at least a level 2 SVQ/NVQ courses.

Evidence of verifiable experience must be provided prior to being registered for NVQ/SVQs and should meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates provide evidence to demonstrate relevant verifiable experience and competence in their occupation (e.g. NVQ qualification level 2).
  2. A letter from employer confirming the candidate’s suitability or portfolio evidence from previous experience.

Will the price of Gold Supervisory card change?

There are no plans to change the price of the Gold Supervisory card; it will remain the same price.


For more information on the proposed changes, click here.


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