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CSCS Test – Why You Need It

When starting a career in construction, it is paramount that you pass a CSCS test. CSCS tests, also known as CITB tests, hold importance when applying for CSCS cards, which is seen as the only universal proof in the United Kingdom to show you are fully qualified to work safely on-site. 

What is a CSCS test? 

Even though CSCS and CITB are two separate organisations, they work in tandem in order to provide health and safety training across the construction sector. A CSCS and CITB test are one in the same. The aim of a CITB test is to analyse knowledge over a range of topics related to your profession to show you are competent to work on-site and not put other workers at risk. CITB tests come in 3 types: 

  • CITB Health, Safety & Environmental Test for Operatives 
  • CITB Health, Safety & Environmental Test for Specialists 
  • CITB Health, Safety & Environmental Test for Managers & Professionals 

A CITB test includes 50 questions over the course of 45 minutes, with workers required to get at least 46/50 in order to pass the test. 

Why you need it – gain access to CSCS cards 
To gain access to any CSCS card, it is mandatory that workers complete a CITB Health, Safety & Environment test within the past 2 years. Without passing a CITB test, you will not be able to apply for a CSCS card and thus will be denied by access to any construction site. 


Trusted affiliate sites, such as Construction Helpline, offer all 3 types of CITB tests while also providing online versions for the test. Book your CSCS test today to get started your career in construction.


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