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What is a Construction NVQ

Do I Need CSCS Card To Work On Site?

If you want to make your career in the construction industry, then it is mandatory to hold a CSCS card. The card acts as a proof for working on the construction site. It shows that an individual has the appropriate qualification and training for the job they do on the site. On the UK construction site, the card plays its part in improving safety and standards by ensuring that the workforce is appropriately qualified. This card opens many new opportunities for the delegates to work on the construction site.

For getting the card you need to qualify the CITB test and other qualifications that depend on the type of CSCS card. There are various types of CSCS card which you can opt. All the cards have different purposes. You can choose any card according to your needs and requirements.

These types of cards are mentioned below:

  • Green CSCS card: The work of a green card tends to be physical in nature. It allows the delegates to work on the construction site in the positions of entry-level.
  • Red CSCS card- provisional: It is made for those people who work through the probationary period while employers assess the suitability of these people for employment.
  • Red CSCS card- experienced worker: It is available for supervisors, technical workers, and managers specifically with at least one year of experience.
  • Red CSCS card apprentice: This card is for those people who have commenced on a recognized apprenticeship framework.
  • Red CSCS cardexperienced card: This type of card is used to display that the worker working on a particular job have the relevant qualification about it.
  • Blue CSCS card: It is used to display the employers that the other staff members have the necessary training and technical skills and experience to accomplish the various tasks required in the task.
  • Black CSCS card: It is an advanced card which is used for those workers having a high skill set and managerial experience within the industry of construction.
  • Gold CSCS card: It is used to show the employers that the delegate has the capability you need to supervise personnel in the environment of construction.
  • Yellow CSCS card: It is designed for people who frequently visit construction sites but do not have any construction-related training, skill or qualification

A CSCS card is very important to work in the field of construction as this card gives confidence to the other staff members and the employees about their safety because the delegate holding a CSCS card has the necessary skills and experience to carry out the tasks required within the context of plant operation.

You can apply any of the above given cards according to your needs and requirements. For getting the card you need to book it from anywhere. But the easiest way of booking the CSCS card is provided by the construction helpline. We will provide you proper guidance at every step wherever you will face any kind of problem. Our team of experts is highly qualified that is always present in order to serve you.


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