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What Should you Do When Your CSCS Card has Expired

Do I Need to Retake the CITB Test if I Renew My CSCS Card?

To work within the construction sector, you will have to obtain a CSCS Card. To obtain a CSCS Card, you need to undergo the complete CITB Health, Safety and Environment test. Once the test has been completed you will be able to renew your CSCS card and proceed to work within the construction sector.

What is the CSCS Card?

Today, almost all workers in the construction industry should have the proper CSCS card before they start work at construction site.

CSCS is the leading skills certification scheme within the construction industry and most individuals working for the construction industry will thus hold this type of card. The cards are often requested when recruiting candidates as they give proof that individuals working on construction sites have the needed training and qualifications for the sort of work they are carrying. It is not a contractual requirement to provide a CSCS Card, however, the main contractor or site manager will often say that all workers must carry one of these cards.

Do I have to retake the test if I Renew My CSCS Card?

This depends on a few circumstances. If you have qualified the Health, Safety, and Environment test within the prior two years, you will not have to retake the test to renew CSCS Card. Nevertheless, if your test certificate has lapsed, you will require to schedule a new test in and pass that to fulfill your renewal certificate. As an extra note, even between renewals, the examination must be retaken every two years when the certificate hits its termination if you desire to proceed to work. This is required as many sites will ask for proof before you can begin the job.

How do you renew your CSCS Card?

In case your CSCS card is about to terminate within 6 months, then it’s essentially the equivalent method as when you obtained your first CSCS card. You must qualify the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test.

To renew CSCS Card you will require retaking the CITB Test. This assures that those with a CSCS Card and operating within the construction sector are held up to date with the proper health and safety protocols and practices and that they are still qualified in satisfying the requirements in securing a CSCS Card. You cannot ask to renew your CSCS Card until six months before your prevailing card’s expiry period.

The Method for Renewal

You should make contact construction helpline to pay the stated amount and have the necessary data:

  • Details of your present job will incorporate the organization name, address, and any other contact details for that organization.
  •  An official password photo will be required so they can add this to your new card; a few may claim that the photo is signed on the reverse side.

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