Everything About CSCS Certificates and Card Costs

Everything About CSCS Certificates and Card Costs

The CSCS certificate are given to those companies who have shown a level of commitment. It is this commitment which is gauged from the proportion of the company’s many on-site workers has these cards or its affiliated cards that are current and valid. When you take this health and safety test, it is done to check the knowledge of workers on their knowledge with regards to safety measures. These safety measures are needed while you are on the construction site.


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When you register for this test you can take the test at the informed time slot. It is basically a touch screen test and consists of multiple choice questions. You should not be confused and scared thinking about this exam. However, if you brush up your memory and with the experience that you have gained from your work, you can easily avail of the CSCS card without any hindrances. Usually three different stages are there for different types of cards. So before booking you should be as to which card is suitable for your qualification and experience and go through it.
It is usually the safety standards of a work site which plays a vital role in reducing the number of accidents that may happen in the field. In order to save the life of the workers and for avoiding the accidents, the government has made this test compulsory. What is actually a CSCS card? CSCS means Construction Skills Certification Scheme. This card is a proof of your competency in the construction industry. It also helps in providing the contractor with information regarding your Health, Safety and Environment Test results along with your qualifications in your occupation.
Many different types of cards are available under the CSCS as well as its associated schemes. Hence, whatever you do and whatever qualifications you may have, there will definitely be a suitable one for you. In order to get your own Card, it is now possible for you to apply for it online. These cards help in preventing accidents and injuries on the construction sites. It also ensures that the government protects the employees from a sort of dangerous situations. People who are not trained in Health and Safety will find it difficult to gain work in any building site.

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How much do these CSCS card cost? Generally all CSCS cards cost around £30.00 inclusive of VAT at 20 percent.
What do I need to get a CSCS card? In order to get the CSCS you would require two things: You will first of all have to give proof of evidence of your competence for the skill which will naturally be mentioned on the card, and you will also need to show a health and safety qualification.
In a nutshell, it ensures at least a minimum awareness of health and safety, with the benefit that all those who are employed on the construction sites should be at least somewhat safer as a consequence. There are many varieties of CSCS cards so that experienced workers, trainees, skilled management as well as workers can be distinguished. So go ahead and get your proper CSCS Card now!

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