Getting your Blue CSCS Card

Getting Your Blue CSCS Card

Most of us are looking to move on up in the world and construction is no different. Whether you’re getting your first CSCS card as an already skilled labour or you’re moving up from a trainee card, the goal is the same; you want your Skilled Labourer Blue CSCS card.

Below are the answers to come common questions, including CSCS card cost and a few main details about the Blue CSCS card.

What Do I Need To Get A Blue CSCS Card?

Like all CSCS cards, before you can get one you need to have passed the Health & Safety Environment Test and you also need to hold a National Vocational Qualification level 2 (construction related, of course). If you don’t have an NVQ, you can still be eligible for a Blue CSCS card if you’ve completed an employer sponsored apprenticeship, as long as it included the achievement of a City and Guilds Certificate.

How Much Does a Blue CSCS Card cost?

There are a few companies out there who will help you get your Blue CSCS card. All CSCS cards cost around thirty pounds (not including the test) so if a company is charging you more than this amount, you should always ask what the extra cost is for. Some companies have deals that include the CSCS test, cards and revision materials so it’s a good idea to shop around and make sure you find the deal that suits your needs.

How Long Does A Blue CSCS Card Last For?

Like a lot of CSCS cards, blue lasts for five years from when it’s issued. After it’s expired you can either renew it or apply for a different, higher level card, depending on the experience you gained during those five years.

What Comes After A Blue CSCS Card?

The Blue CSCS card is a skilled worker. The more experience you get could result in the ability to apply for cards with more targeted skills; you could get an Advanced Craft, Supervisory or Manager card to help you get up the next rung of the ladder so to speak. Each card requires a certain level of experience in the relevant area so if you’re thinking about moving on up, have a look through the requirements to make sure you’re hitting all the right marks.

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