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Construction Workers Do During a Pandemic

How CHL has Functioned During a Pandemic

For people working in the construction industry, regular training and upskilling is a mandatory requirement that is embedded from day one into every individual and organisation. Qualified workers that possess CSCS cards, NVQs or other Health and Safety qualifications are the most valuable resource of any construction company, and not even a global pandemic can eliminate,or change that.

Project Development in the UK

Due to the enormous amount of people sitting in lockdown, having to quarantine and isolate, many offices, hotels and residential properties around the world have now essentially become empty. Because of this, the popularity among developers and investors have fallen, leaving many commercial projects dead in the water, and many builders out of work. It’s a tough time for everyone to say the least, however it’s up to you to deal with this in a way that is both constructive, and mentally stimulating.

Construction Helpline has remained consistent on providing construction workers with industry-leading courses, licenses and qualifications. To maximise your chances of securing a job after the pandemic, you must continue to upskill yourself by acquiring construction NVQs, CSCS cards and other Health and Safety related courses.

The Current State of the Construction Industry

The current economic crisis has complicated many development projects in the UK. Data provided from several sources concluded that in the second quarter of 2020, more than 70% of companies experienced a decline in revenues, and more than 85% of firms expect this trend to continue into the second quarter of 2021. Long story short, we are witnessing a widespread decline in demand, which will be able to recover only when restrictions ease, procurement is back on track and people can start moving again.

The gradual or abrupt lifting of these restrictions will not immediately solve the problems facing the construction industry, since the tendency of keeping safe and saving money on investments will remain until consumer activity is back to where it was. That is why companies that have reserves, do business wisely, and so should you. Be socially responsible to your construction career, if you have less opportunity for on-site work look at ways of improving your knowledge and skillset. Construction Helpline have a whole host of valuable information on self-development, check out our website.

New Opportunities in Construction

Despite the endless challenges that the pandemic has brought, there is a big opportunity for growth that has risen. Companies across the board, both in the UK and abroad, are shifting their focus towards hiring workers that are qualified and skilled in their specialty. According to a report conducted by Construction line in which 4292 suppliers and 700,000 workers were surveyed, 87% of them said that their business has been affected by COVID-19. Here are the following insights that were reported in the UK:

  • 62% of construction operations were suspended due to the pandemic
  • The biggest reason for suspension was main contractors closing the site

What can Builders and Other Construction Workers Do During a Pandemic?

There is no clear roadmap in how the construction industry is going to get through this pandemic, but it is vital to understand that it will not be easy and sitting back and hoping for things get to get better is worthless. We suggest that you discipline yourself and continue to immerse yourself into revision material, CSCS cards, NVQs and Health and Safety courses.

Upskilling Should Be the Number One Priority

Copious amounts of people have either lost their job, are on furlough or being made redundant, however they all have one thing in common. That is free time. In construction, where health and safety and technical skills are vital, everyone must utilise their free time to invest into fresh construction courses, qualifications and licenses. The most valuables ones include:

A construction NVQ is a specialist-based qualification that aims to improve your knowledge and skills on a construction site. To acquire this qualification, candidates must go through a serious of practical and written assessments that will strengthen their competency in construction, as well their specialty.

CSCS cards are health and safety licenses that CITB issues to construction personnel working on site. These cards come in a variety of colours that relate to a specific role in construction and are often a mandatory license for workers that want to work on-site.

Construction Helpline has not slowed down during this pandemic. We understand the impact that the pandemic has made on the industry, and we now know what needs to be done to get everyone out of this mess. The most important thing to remember is to not be complacent. The construction industry is constantly shifting, and companies are becoming more reliant on skilled workers. Don’t less yourself fall behind, contact our team today.


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