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Green CSCS card

How do I get a Green CSCS Card?

In London and other cities in the UK, people who are going to work and develop a career in the construction industry must show the employer not only a UTR Number, but also a CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme – the UK construction skills certification system). A CSCS card is a type of license that proves that you have successfully completed training in your specialty and passed the relevant health and safety test – something that is vitally important in construction. CSCS testifies to your qualifications and competencies in the field of construction, labour protection and country legislation in the field of environmental protection.

A Green CSCS card is a simple entry-level qualification that people obtain if they wish to work as a labourer in the construction industry. This card ensures that the individual meets the minimum required qualifications to work effectively on the construction site and is competent with basic health and safety regulations.

While holding a CSCS Card is not a legal requirement on construction sites, it is however an industry standard to have one as most employers do not allow their workers to be on site without one. Have a look at our list of different CSCS card types to make sure which ones right for you.

After obtaining the qualification, you should be capable of easily spotting hazard and taking a leadership role in your team in making the work environment safer for you and your colleagues.

The following topics will be addressed in the test:

  • Health and Safety Act
  • Preventing accidents
  • Risk assessments and safety checks
  • Reporting accidents and unsafe acts

To get yourself prepared for the test we highly recommend that you invest in CHL’s revision material so that you are familiar with the topics, concepts and questions that will be covered in the test. Our team have also formulated a step-by-step study plan for you to follow to get the most out of your preparation.

If you are still feeling unsure about passing the test, hop onto the CHL website and practice with our free green CSCS card mock test.

What career path can I take with a Green CSCS card?

There is an abundance of exciting opportunities, roles, and career paths that you can take with a Green CSCS card. Many people choose to continue their studies with a training course such as a CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme)or a Construction NVQ qualification to further their skills and competencies in the construction industry.

Another interesting pathway for you take would be to pursue Civil Engineering, Roofing, Plastering, or even Road building – there are no limits in the world of construction. Regardless of the career path you take, gaining new skills, knowledge and qualifications will always be a positive step in the direction of your dream job.

Frequently Asked questions

  • How long does the HS&E last?
    • 45 Minutes
  • What is included in the HS&E test?
    • The HS&E Test includes 50 questions of which 12 of them are behavioural cases and the remaining 38 questions are related to the environment.
  • How many CSCS card types are there?
    • There are 13 different types
  • How long does a Green CSCS card last for?
    • A Green CSCS card is valid for 5 years
  • Where can I buy CSCS, CITB and NVQ revision material?

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