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How do I study for my CSCS test?

How Do I Study For My CSCS Test?

How do I study for my CSCS test?

CSCS cards have now become the standard requirement before being allowed access and entry onto a busy construction site. All workforce personnel are expected to have a valid and up to date CSCS card to be able to work at a UK construction site. Despite CSCS cards not being a legal requirement, the majority of construction sites in the UK now require all onsite workers to have passed relevant tests, courses and be in possession of a valid CSCS card relevant to their role.

Reasoning for this is that being granted a CSCS card provides employers confidence in your level of competency and skillsets to do the assigned job safely. It also helps to prevent serious injuries from taking place in the workplace; as knowledge of the latest health and safety protocols* of a construction site is needed before being granted a CSCS card.

*Applicants must have successfully passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test within the last 2 years at the relevant level for the occupation which is being applied for. The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and usually lasts around 45 minutes.

Our 7 tips to help maximise your success of passing the CSCS test

1. Practice using mock exam

The more you practice answering questions using mock exams, the more familiar you’ll be with the range of questions the real exam will ask.

An array of mock CSCS tests can be found online. The more practice you put in, the greater your chances of passing the CSCS test. Practising using mock exams will highlight any areas which you need to improve on before paying and taking on the real CSCS test. Simply give us a call on 0333 344 7657 to discuss how we can help you properly prepare for a CSCS test.

2. Buy CSCS materials

Investing in learning material relevant to CSCS tests may give you that extra edge and improve your chances of passing the CSCS test. If you do decide to buy CSCS related material, it is important to buy the newest edition to ensure your practice sessions involves you using the most up to date exam questions and test structure.

3. Practice reading questions carefully

Ensure to read questions carefully before answering. Accuracy is more important than how fast you complete the exam and CSCS test. Spend the extra time reviewing questions to make sure you know what’s being asked before you select an answer.

4. Ask friends or colleagues who have passed the CSCS test

Advice from those who have already passed the CSCS test is invaluable. Simply ask friends and work colleagues for hints and tips on the exam to maximise your chance of passing the CSCS test. Alternatively, search on CSCS forums or make a post asking for advice. People love to help!

5. Be early for the exam

Arriving early for the exam reduces stress and gives you time to settle in before the CSCS test. If you arrive late or miss the CSCS test – you’ll have to pay for a new CSCS test. This can be avoided altogether if you plan ahead and ensure to arrive early for the exam.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep keeps your mind and body healthy and well. Plenty of research has shown the importance of sleep and how getting enough sleep before an exam will in fact, boost your performance and test scores in exams.


By following and making use of our 7 tips – you’ll increase your chance of success and passing the CSCS test with flying colours. Just like with any exam, preparation is key so plan ahead, use the right resources to enrich your learning, talk to people who have already passed the CSCS test and get a good night sleep before the exam day.

At The Construction Helpline, we offer a range of courses and tests relevant to the construction industry. Simply visit the following pages on our website (CSCS cards, CITB tests or NVQ courses) – or call 0333 344 7657 to discuss how we can help.


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