How Long does the CSCS Card Last for

How long does the CSCS Card last for?

That depends entirely on which CSCS Card you’re talking about. For example, the Green Labourers Card is valid for 5 years while the Red Provisional Card is valid for just 6 months.

So why does the CSCS Card have to expire?

Getting a brand new card involves passing the relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test again – thereby updating your health and safety knowledge in the process. So, in a way, it’s CSCS’s way of ensuring and improving safety on construction sites in ever-changing work conditions.

How long does each Card last for and why?

There are two types of cards: renewable and non-renewable. All of the renewable cards last for 5 years while non-renewable ones have their validity ranging from 6 months to 4 years.

Below is a list of cards which can be renewed:

  • CSCS Green Labourers Card: 5 years
  • CSCS Green Basic Skills Card: 5 years
  • CSCS Blue Skilled Card: 5 years 
  • CSCS Gold Advanced Craft Card: 5 years 
  • CSCS Gold Supervisors Card: 5 years 
  • CSCS Black Managers Card: 5 years 
  • CSCS White/Yellow Academically Qualified Person Card: 5 years 
  • CSCS White/Yellow Professionally Qualified Person Card: 5 years  
  • CSCS Yellow Construction Site Visitor Card: 5 years

Below is a list of cards which are non-renewable:


Red CSCS Cards give construction workers access to sites for a limited time. This time has to be used by workers to achieve the necessary qualifications and thus the CSCS Card necessary to practice their trade on site. To prevent any misuse, these cards are made non-renewable.

  • CSCS Red Provisional Card: 6 months (you must move up to a Green/Blue Skilled Card after this)
  • CSCS Red Trainee Card: 5 years (you must move up to a Blue/Gold Card after this)
  • CSCS Red Apprentice Card: 4 years (you must move up to a Blue/Gold Card after this)

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