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cscs card cost

How much does a CSCS card cost?

How much does a CSCS card cost?

What is a CSCS card? 

A CSCS card is a form of physical proof, administered by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme that you are rightly qualified to work on-site and possess the appropriate training to do so. Although they are not a legislative requirement, employers across the UK are making CSCS services mandatory for working on a construction site. Regular checks are carried out on CSCS card holder on construction sites by either a central database or a hand-held scanner to ensure the CSCS card is valid. However, it is important that a worker holds the right CSCS card as if you own one that does not match your current qualifications, you will be refused access on site. 

What types of CSCS cards are there? 

A list of CSCS cards that can be found at Construction Helpline include: 

  • Green Labourer Card 
  • Blue Skilled Worker Card 
  • Gold Card – Advanced Craft 
  • Black Manager Card 
  • Red Apprentice Card 
  • White – Academically Qualified Person (AQP) 
  • White – Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) 
  • Experienced Technician, Supervisor or Manager Red Card 
  • Red Experienced Worker Card 
  • Red Trainee Card (Craft and Operative) 
  • Graduate Red Card 

(It is important to know which qualifications you hold before applying for your CSCS card as this can determine which cards can be available to you). 

How much does a CSCS card cost? 

Before you can purchase a CSCS card, you must have completed a CITB Health Safety and Environment test within 2 years of your CSCS card application. The type CITB test you need depends on your trade and the type of training you already possess. You will not be able to get a CSCS card without successfully passing a CITB test. Most CSCS cards retail for £36, however established affiliate sites, such as Construction Helpline, offer different types of bundles for CSCS cards, for example our best-selling CSCS Green Labourer card package. The CSCS Green Labourer card package includes a CSCS health and safety course, certificate of completion, a CITB test and a Green CSCS Labourer card. This is a popular option for workers looking to enter the construction sector and is a great entry level option. 

As well as serving individuals, Construction Helpline also offers group bookings to firms and businesses who wish to get multiple employees CSCS cards, providing a much faster and smooth service compared to other CSCS card providers. 

How long does a CSCS card last? 

Most CSCS cards last for 5 years, with the exemption of the “Provisional Card” that last for 6 months and is not renewable once expired. When you receive your card, an expiry date will be shown on the card.  


All CSCS cards are available at Construction Helpline, a leading, nationwide provider of testing and training resources for tradespeople and jobseekers who wish to enter or elevate their career in construction. 


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