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How much does a CSCS test cost?

How much does a CSCS test cost?

How much does a CSCS test cost?

What is a CITB test?

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is a UK construction industry leading skills certification board that many construction professionals take tests for in order to apply for CSCS cards while proving they can operate safely in a construction building environment. A certification from completing a CITB test also acts as proof that those who wish to work in the construction field have been professionally trained in the health and safety of their respective trade and hold industry recognised qualifications.

A CITB test or CSCS test is separated into 3 sections for Operatives, Specialists and Managers & Professionals – being applicable to all levels of construction professionals.

Who would take a CITB test?

CITB tests are open to all construction professionals who wish to become a skilled worker and achieve a level 2 NVQ course as well as individuals who want to start a career in the building industry. The only requirements needed is to be 16+ and have a relevant form of ID.

Why is a CITB test important?

Completing a CITB test shows a level of competency when working on a building project, showing employers you are capable of working on-site. With dozens of professions available in construction, taking a CITB test is a great option to fast track your career within the industry. With our efforts to help offer a more dynamic future within the construction sector, we have digitised CITB tests to where individuals can revise and prepare for their tests online, making construction health and safety training more convenient for you.

How much does a CITB test cost?

A CITB test individually only cost £21, however this is the price before any other operational and admin fees. We recommend taking a CITB test as part of a course where you will be able to acquire a CSCS card upon the completion or if you are looking to achieve a level 2 NVQ or SVQ.


All CITB tests can be found at Construction Helpline, where we offer a range of tests that are compatible with CSCS cards and provide resourceful learning material that will help boost your aspiring career within construction. Visit our website or call us on 0207 199 9800 to start your career today!


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