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How to gain a Black CSCS card

How to gain a Black CSCS card 

For construction companies across the UK, CSCS cards are becoming more of a requirement to be held by all construction workers who wish to gain access on-site. The highest qualified CSCS card available is the black CSCS card, specialised for managers and technical occupation construction professionals. This article will discuss the steps needed for you to gain a black CSCS card, providing information on the tests and qualifications necessary for acquisition.  

What is a black CSCS card? 

A CSCS card is a form of physical proof that allows construction professionals access onto construction sites and projects. Holding a CSCS card shows that you are qualified and capable of completing tasks on-site. Even at a senior level, managers and experienced workers still need to provide proof that they do hold the relevant qualifications. A black CSCS card shows you are capable of holding management positions on construction sites, while being aware of the health and safety measures. Common tasks that construction managers tend to provide include cost planning, managing site inspections and ensuring overall, complex projects are completed with as few disruptions as possible. This card has a validity of 5 years. 

  1. Pass a CITB Health, Safety & Environment test 

The first stage in gaining a black CSCS card is to complete a CITB Health, Safety & Environment Manager & Professionals test. The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) provides testing that shows you are proficient in the health and safety protocols needed to work safely on-site. For a black CSCS card, the MAP (managers and professionals) test should be taken with a minimum score of 46/50. The test consists of a total of 50 questions and has a duration of 45 minutes. Once you have successfully passed your CITB test, you will then be able to complete your construction related qualification. 

It is important to note that in order to successfully gain your black CSCS card, you must complete a CITB test within 2 years of your application. If your last CITB test was taken outside of 2 year window, you must re-take one in order to proceed.  

  1. Achieve a construction related NVQ 

The black CSCS card is available to construction professionals who want to gain managerial and technical occupations. They must hold: 

  • A relevant construction management/technical related NVQ level 5/6/7 


  • A pre-existing level 4 NVQ/SVQ in construction management 

Even with years of experience in managerial positions, you will not be able to acquire a black CSCS card without a high-level NVQ qualification. 

  1. Get you Black CSCS card 

Having passed your CITB MAP test and achieving the appropriate construction qualification, your black CSCS card application should then be complete. Once your application is approved, your black CSCS card should be posted the next working day, with most cards arriving to their destination within 3-5 of application approval. 


With the black CSCS card proving you are one of the highest ranking construction professionals in the industry, holding one can greatly improve employability and earning potential as there is a constant demand for highly skilled and qualified workers. 


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